Friday, September 24, 2010

A Sad Goodbye

This is a sad post.  Seems as though I have had to write a few of these sad posts.  That’s just the kind of luck I have.  (Maybe I’m paying for something I did as a child.  OR worse.  Something Joshua did  OH MY)

You remember Cupid right?  (We called her Cupie.)  Our precious baby goat that had such a rough start?  You know the one that had a seizure and mine and the girls world stopped?  Well, she seamed to get better.  After a few months of living in the house we finally had the day where we had to let Cupid live outside.  She hated it but I hated it worse.  I loved seeing that goat, she made me happy.  But we thought she was fine.  Apparently though while we were not out there, she was having more seizures.  Autumn was the one to notice she was blind.  We put her up in the barn and she just got worse.  The next day, she was deaf and the next day she died.  It was horrible.  The worst day yet in this house.  It took the 5 of us a long time to get over.  Crazy thing is we still miss her like crazy!  At this time almost all of our goats are bred so by spring we hope to have lots and lots and lots of goat babies.  Joshua has already promised me one.  I can’t wait and am hoping for something with an amazing personality like Cupids….


280 004-1 006-1 009 010 017 020 031 036  043  048 057 057-1 061 086 097264 250 256 

This picture of her on Autumn was one of her last pictures.  She was so big and had super curly hair.  I’m glad to have this picture.


Right after Cupie died, the girls wrote her notes and Joshua gave me her ear tag.  The girls taped them to our wall where they hope one day a picture of her will go.  So until then, you will see in the background of some of our pictures; the notes.


I hope during her short 5 month life she had the greatest time and knew how much we loved her.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Annsley’s 4th Birthday

Annsley’s birthday was a huge success.  She got everything she wanted (Baby and Princess Stuff) and celebrated with her friends at school and at home with My sister, Rhett and us! 

My baby is 4!  Why does it go so fast?


Annsley 2010 birthday

This day was a little hard because this is the day Cupid died.  We managed to make the best of it , but it is terrible when your babies are sad on their birthday.


Friday, September 17, 2010


I talked to Annsley all summer about going back to school but she could not grasp the concept of a new teacher.  Her teacher IS Mrs. Darla.  Over the summer we got to know her new teacher a little so by the time school started she at least would say her name “Mrs. Shannon.” 

So before school, we had some time to sit in the car and talk.  This is the moment I realize how old she is.

239 237 

Walking in, I realized she looks like a miniature teenager.  (Toy-Teen)


And as I imagined, she went straight to Mrs. Darla’s class.  After quite a bit of talking to her and then seeing her best friend Olivia, she reluctantly went into her new class room. 

 245 246


Her class started out with only 1 boy.  By the end of the first day there were 2 and now there are 3.  They still don’t stand a chance with 6 girls!

She loves it now.  NOW.  She is actually talking to her teacher and has left her blanket in the classroom a time or two during recess.  As you can see in one of the pictures the girl in yellow is her teacher and is pregnant.  Her baby is due at Christmas time so there will be a new teacher for the rest of the year.  Mrs. Tessa.  We love Mrs. Tessa!  She also has a daughter named Kannon that Annsley really likes and she will also be in the class.  Annsley is super excited to go back after the first of the year!  Now all my girls are in school and I have a few days a week to get my stuff done. 

Yeah Right……..


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Show’en Birthday style

My baby’s first show of the season, Miss Danc’en Dancers first show ever and Autumn’s 9th birthday. OH MY GODNESS. Seriously though.  9.  Who decided that?  I never signed on for old kids. Just babies and toddlers.

Look at the girl:

151 152

Maybe not those


157 Or that one,


There:  See how old she looks?  And beautiful.  (I really was hoping by the time she was a teenager, she would be ugly and no boys would ever be interested.  Shoot!

154This was Cracker Barrel for Autumns 9th (NINTH) birthday dinner.  We were 5 hours from home this particular day.  We made her skip that Friday (her birthday) and we headed out.  We got there in just enough time to unload the goats and get dinner.  We did gifts in the hotel in our p.j’s

002010  004 005 007 009 

When your NINE, all you want is clothes, jewelry and nail polish.  Where is my little girl that wants baby dolls and baby doll stuff?028 035034


The next day we showed

 039 040 041 060 077 080

We did good, Billy placed 5th out of 18.  Willy placed closer to the bottom.  He had some minor emergency surgery about an hour before the show though.

The show was also the county fair so we “HAD” to go get corny dogs and cotton candy for dinner.

096 097  099 105 106 107 109 110 117 118 

Our “policy” is no riding rides that get taken down and then put back together on a regular basis.  But in this case and because we were tired of the begging, we caved and let them ride one ride.  (Cost us 20 bucks)  Autumn was terrified and did not smile one time.  The other 2 had their hands in the air like it was some kind of roller coaster ride.

Next day was the second show when we showed dancer.  She did really well!

Autumn is so much like her Dad:


Joshua’s family drove the 5 hours to come and see Autumn show!  We also wanted Lynsey to show Blue Eye’s for us. (Yes the goat really has blue eyes.)


Joshua’s last minute pep talk!  She looks as though she really cares….


While Autumn shows, her Dad nervously waits and offers advise via hand signals that no one but him understands while my other kids embarras me:

 158 173

See my baby showing?

 167 169

She did well: (Not sure if this ribbon was from the first or second show of the day, but we did not do very well with the first judge and did really well with the second one.  It’s all a matter of opinion.  Don’t get me started.


There was just a little bit of time left before we headed home.  So the girls went though the petting zoo.  (As if our home does not fit that criteria.)  Although we don’t have deer or a miniature Yak.  Should anyone reading ever come across a miniature Yak, please give me a call.  I’d like one for the home. (Annsley wanted to feed all the animals some cotton candy…

178219 199 200 201 209 211 212  215216

The Yak:


Annsley would get so mad if a goat came over to eat some of the food in her little cup.  No way was she feeding something that she already had at home and could feed anytime!  Her words!213  Fun Trip!  Then end.