Friday, February 18, 2011

Autumn’s County Show

County Show is a big deal.  It’s the final show after a long show season.  She did well.  She won 2nd place with Billy and 3rd with Willy.  We were so proud after a year of all the work she put in. 




While she shows Billy, she has to keep him entertained so she lets him chew on her fingers.  Well, front teeth are flat, back teeth are sharp and pointy.  She let her finger go back just a tad too far and got bit HARD.  Poor girl finished the show with blood dripping down off her finger.


But, she got right back into it for the next show!  Tuff Cookie!


She was shorted severely on showmanship. (Guy did not know what he was doing of course.)

Two days worth of showing and it all ends with sale order.  Autumn was picked pretty early in the sale order which is really good.  The next day was the auction:  Autumn had 3 buyers and ended up selling her goat (Which actually does not even really sell) for 1050.00.

I’ll one day figure out how to get the video online of Autumn during the auction.  Until then here is this:


The auctioneer of course had to chat with Autumn and of course she did not want to chat with the auctioneer but she did and was so cute! And brave to go up there alone!


My Dad


He Loves My Girls, My Girls Love him!  Hi Granddaddy!