Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Night Before Christmas

I could be all cute and make this post rhyme with “The Night Before Christmas” but I just not that corny of a person.  (And and I could not find anything that rhymes with Georgia Claire!)  After all, this Christmas season has revolved around her.

Christmas Eve around here is just as special as Christmas.  It’s filled with tradition and family.  Because they run around in their jammies most of Christmas and we go to the Christmas Eve candle light service, the girls wear their Christmas outfits this day!   They looked so cute…008

Early Christmas eve morning we went to see Georgia Claire.  010

Even Georgia Claire got dressed up for the event.  Her shirt says Santa Baby, her passy has Christmas bling and her socks have red ruffles,  Miranda’s already at it!! My Gramma knitted the hat to look like a Santa hat.


013 015 017 

I just like this picture and wanted to share…. Annsley really watching Miranda talk to Georgia Claire! 058 Then Miranda let the girls help get GC ready to go home.  So sweet but we wished Ramey could have been there to help….

 029 031 079

Can yall see those girls up in the window?  Who’s kids are those? 082

Then we walked them out and told them bye! 

100 101

Then home to meet Daddy and open gifts. 

The girls asked their Dad to read the Christmas story…


122 123

Then the presents starting with number 1:

 124 127 129 130 134 136 

Coats!  (Autumn got her coat a few days earlier so I just got her a little hat.)


Present #2:


The traditional Jammies!  We have gotten the girls jammies every year!  They love it but this is the first year for them to not have matching jammies.  They thought that was pretty cool.  I thought that was pretty sad.  Maybe I’ll go back to matching next year….

147 152 154

Present number 3:

 158 165 166 168  170169

Then we had just one more surprise!  We have ALWAYS gotten the girls 3 gifts but they have been asking for something for a long time so we chose Christmas to be the time.  Because it was something that could not be wrapped we showed them this picture:

0075211396010_A A swing set!  Were so excited because it’s big enough for big kids to play on/in!

After the girls was our turn.  Joshua got everything a goat farmer could possible dream of.  (Flashlights, binoculars, walkie talkies and other miscellaneous goat farming necessities.)  I got a watch.  I LOVE my watch too.  It even has real diamonds! (That is something rare to a poor lady!)

 171 178

Look in the background of this picture….  How the 3 girls can turn 3 gifts each into such a mess is beyond me!


(See the girls Gingerbread house in the background? It was cute!)


Then they had to try on their jammies and Annsley got a breathing treatment.  If she even sniffles wrong we start these up a couple times a day for about 1 week!  She’s been a long time now without any trouble because of this! 184


(A little RX goes a long way too)


Back into Christmas outfits and ready to go!


After gifts was Christmas Eve dinner.  We have gone every year with Joshua’s family to eat.  It’s a fun tradition!


The balloon lady found us!


Aubrey got a zebra:


Autumn wanted to be Santa:


And Annsley got a reindeer!

  224218 226

See the red nose in this picture?227

Here is all the cousins with their balloons!


Then Church for candlelight service.


After Church, we had a gift to open from Papa and Nana!  It was the book “Twas the night before Christmas” although not a regular book.  This book was read by Papa in a little recording.  The girls must have read heard the book 5-6 times.


Then Cookies for Santa:


And food for the reindeer: (It had glitter in it so they could see it shinning from the sky.  We chose to put it in a dog bowl.  Reindeer are too good to eat off the ground.)

268 259 263 264


Ozzie wanted some:


Then our living room was ready for Santa!


Then we talked them into getting into bed and to trying to go to sleep!  This is one of the best parts of the day for me!  (I know who’s coming as soon as they go to sleep!)

Come back soon to see Christmas Day!  It was a blast!