Saturday, July 9, 2011

the Tornado ……

These are pictures I took that morning in our barn…  Who knew a few house later it would be topless!


We were taking it easy in the house making cookies for all the 4th of July party's and watching movies!


Pretty boring up to that point!  So we left and headed to granny's and noticed it clouding up. We turned around to put Joshua’s truck in the barn.  He had tools and wood in the bed…  Finally get to Granny’s and within 20 minutes get a call:


We get back to twisted metal, news crews, goats out, dogs out, neighbors out and beautiful sky's and perfect weather…….


Lots of MUD too.  Dropped my phone… Not sure why I took a picture.  Or blogging it for that matter…


Joshua got interviewed for the news (always pick the biggest redneck!)


And Jordan played…


News guy was nice!

This is what we ended up with:

(An implanted grill)  This grill was on the other side of this fence before the tornado.


(Barley a barn)


See that pink ball?  It was on the porch when we left and when we got back it was almost to the barn and popped.  But nothing else at our house (Except the girl that hopped the fence) was touched.


(Sad and heartbroken goat farmers)


(Twisted metal everywhere and wrapped around everything that didn’t blow away)


The next day was clean-up


Debris was spread for at least a mile.  I took this first picture from the furthest (Big) piece of metal .  That little silver thing to the left of the cow is our barn…


Same picture zoomed:


And this is the kinda things we had to put up with…  (Well, when I say we, I mean Joshua and his dad and brother… I just drove the truck)


But here is my view from the truck!


and we found pieces bigger than the trucks that pulled them back!_DSC8106_DSC8107

Oh, and it was H. O. T!


We ended up with a rather large pile of trash!


I’m so thankful for the people that called and came by!  And, I certainly cannot thank enough the people that helped.


The welder that Joshua got for a High School graduation gift is now in the trash.


Yet, this survived.


One of the treadmills did not make it.


Some tools did not make it


The ones that did, Mom and Carma dried off and set out.


The RX cabinet


It was weaning time so all baby goats were in the barn at the time.  See the dirt on this ones back….  (Normally our goats are really clean.)


Other than a few scared and dirty goats… Everything else was untouched by the tornado.  All animals are all safe and sound.  That is such a blessing and really our only concern when we first heard our “Barn had blown away”.   It’s now back together and good as new!