Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 1, 2, 3 & 4

So, I’m just ganna jump right in here like I haven’t missed the last 3 months of blogging. 

Go with it, will you? 

It wasn’t writers blog (a disease I never suffer from) but lack of time.  You see, as I sit here typing and watching Annsley play tea party with red Kool-Aid at my coffee table over my beloved carpet; exactly 1,239 pictures await me to edit and show them to some really excited and awaiting people.

But I’m ganna pretend that (like most people) I only work during daytime hours and the rest of the time is mine to blog, so todays topic of choice…..

My 30th Birthday.  It’s crouching in on my like a bug drawn to a bug zapper.  And because I can’t do a darn thing about that I’ve decided to fix what I can; my jiggley bod.  

Because I’ve heard it’s, “not hard but impossible” to lose weight after you turn 30, I decided to get skinny before the big day.  I have a goal.  Big words for a girl like me but I have a plan.  I’m ganna run my ass off.  Literally.  In the barn we have some treadmills for the goats. (If your not into the show animal thing, contact me directly for your explanation of goat workouts and aerobics.  Riveting topic really.)  I moved all the feed bags off one of the treadmills and I went after it!  Started out on a number 5 of 10 (No need for me; someone still in their 20’s after all… to stretch or warm-up.)  So, I was runnen.  Then, I threw-up and almost died.  Then, I decided it would be best to start a little slower and work myself back into the running thing.  And it was great! 

I stayed alive and centered on the conveyer belt thing for 30 minutes. I ran 1 of almost 2 miles.  For a fluffy 29 year old, I thought that was pretty great.  I have now run ( I guess I should call it more like: run-walk-run-walk-hurl-sit-run-walk) 4 grueling days in a row.  I have also limited my butter intake and am down to 1 (maybe 2) Dr. Peppers a day.

So, after day 1-2-3 I was not sore, not in pain, not skinnier, not a pound lighter or an inch tighter.  So what do I do on Day 4?  Run until I feel it.  Now I can hardly move.  And I’m not sure how but even my shoulders are sore.  How does that happen running?

So the next time you see me, I will be super skinny.  I’m going for the anorexic look.  Really!  I know that may not sound great or mature for an almost 30 year old to say, but I like that look.  And so does the rest of the world.  And whoever sees me in a swimsuit after all this, will appreciate the look also. 

So, I titled this post Day 1,2,3 & 4 so I will feel more obligated to post the rest of the 32 days and my astronomic success’ or catastrophic failures.  Hopefully all you 5 people (I'm down to only a few readers since my absence.) will crawl run this journey with me by keeping up and placing an occasional phone call to make sure I’m not laying half dead on a treadmill getting road rash on my face.

And by sneaking me Dr. Peppers and butter every now and again……

Signed by:

The future skinny: