Sunday, January 31, 2010

Call us lazy; We don’t mind

Today was a lazy Sunday.  We did a little grocery shopping then house cleaning/organizing.  I like to start weeks clean and organized.  (Note I said I like and not we do)  After the house was clean I noticed bodies all over the house.  Sleeping people everywhere.  So if you can’t wake them; join them.  After naps we went over to Nana and Papa’s to celebrate Aubrey’s birthday with dinner, brownies, and gifts.

 002 005 008009

This would have been the cutest picture but the focus is broken on my camera and I had about half a second to take the picture… This is what I got:


Seems as though I got the background in focus.  At least something is in focus.

Right before bed last night Annsley drew a picture I HAD to share:


She’s so talented!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

How we end a perfectly good week!

Tomorrow begins another week and that means the end of the Birthday week for Aubrey. Back to another week of nothing extraordinary but for the last 8 years no week has been uneventful so I’m sure it wont be that.
This morning started slow for us. Really slow. The little girls and I stayed in bed until around 8:30. Then busy playing with Aubrey's birthday gifts. Around 11:00 we headed out for a city trip. Off to get our nails done and do a little shopping.

The nail thing was not as great as it should have been. Aubrey's lady was such a stick in the mud so I think we will do it again sometime soon. With Autumn. She was spending the night with Ramey so she missed it. (Her choice!)

Going into the nail place


 003 004 006 007 008 009 010 011 012  018 022 024

One of our stops was the camera store.  I’m in the market for a new lens.  Kind of liking the one that took this picture:


One the way home the little girls wanted some soup from Taco Bueno. I decided soup was not car appropriate and we needed to get home so I made them make another choice. BEANS. A bowl of beans they want. While sitting in the drive threw line, Annsley kept dosing off. I asked if she was going to eat before going to sleep and she said she was, so I gave her the beans. The very first red light I looked back to see this:
After picking up Autumn and eating with Papa at Tony's we are home to watch the Hallmark movie and go to bed early. Hopefully everyone will sleep tonight. I should really be more specific. I sure hope everyone sleeps tonight, in their own bed and ALL at the SAME time.

Funny things today:
Aubrey wanted a picture of the 3 of us before we left. (Please don't make fun of the way I look. I just can't help it. Okay?) Please take note of Aubrey's outfit choice.....???????
Then Annsley was singing along with the Barbie that Miranda got Aubrey and she was singing "cover-all's cover'all's”. I had to listen to hear what the doll was actually saying and it was 'all for one and one for all'.  Love my hillbilly baby!

Friday, January 29, 2010

My Sweet Aubrey Mae's Day!

It's a oh so sweet Birthday day at my house. My middle baby turned 5 this morning (or last night) at 12:15 a.m. She was also born on a Friday.

Last night she feel asleep not feeling well and woke up pretty much the same way. Eating toast on the couch this morning:

Then by 10:00 we had Autumn. Her school called and was concerned. They say she never complains so this morning when she did they got a little excited. They (the receptionist) took her temp and it was '95 degrees'. I don't know but I got my baby anyway. I think she just wanted to be at home with her sister on her birthday and really, I like when she’s at home too.  She (miraculously) was healed by the time we got home so she read for a while I worked on some things upstairs. By the time I got done and went downstairs she had everything picked up and the dishwasher unloaded. I love LOVE lOvE that kid! She was so proud of herself.

Lunch with the birthday girl. None other than Pot Pies!
007 008-1
After lunch (Thanks to Autumn's housekeeping help) the girls and I laid down for a bit. Annsley was the first one up so she helped me get the gifts out and set up for the party tonight.

 009 011  

Keeping busy until Aubrey woke up and the party started


We had Rusty, Miranda, Ramey and Rhett over for dinner. Aubrey's favorite was on the menu for tonight.


Panda Express. So delish!
Then the gifts
052 030 031 034 035 038 039 041 042 044 047 051
And Cake....

It held up and I have to say... It was an awesome looking cake from far away!


I caught Rhett and Annsley playing with one of Aubrey's gifts.
072 073
I wanted a picture of everyone and in my craziness of tying to get smiles, I realized my kids are so used to this they are immune. Ramey is laughing hysterically! She's too cute... Love her!  Really loves that she thinks I’m that funny.  I choose to believe she was NOT laughing AT me.
Can't forget about my sweet little nephew. Got a good smile or two out of him too.
It was a pretty good day. Not at all what was planned but I have learned to never get disappointed by plans not working out. Happens too often. We should be in Memphis tonight and then when that canceled, Aubrey and I should have had the morning to do some girl time but no matter where   we were I did not want her to be sick. Again.  At least it was not as bad as last year.
I am terrible at the baby book thing and am not a scrapbooker so my blogs are and will be my memories. I did the post a few days ago with what I wrote last year for Aubrey's birthday and really she's the same sweet spirit she was then.
She has changed, grown, matured and learned so much though. She is much more in love with Panda's today and insists she will be a vet. She is a great big sister, student, daughter, friend and child of God. She loves him and loves learning about him. She is very active. Loves to play, sing, dance and chat. She still loves her violin. She enjoys spending time outside with her dad and taking care of the animals. She really appreciates time alone with us and is very appreciative of anything we do for her. The smallest things still make her happy. She is my Grandmother in another body and is funny as the day is long. She is much more compassionate than she was last year and I can see true care in her.  I love her so much more than I did yesterday and will only love her more tomorrow.

Her drawing of her and her sisters.  She’s in the middle with a party hat!

Aubrey you are the best middle child a mom could ever ask for! I love that you do so many sweet things for me, your dad and sisters and you keep us laughing and entertained. We all love you so so much forever. You are MY girl!