Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aubrey Mater is 6


Miss Aubrey Mae, (Also know as Mater) has turned 6 years old!  Her plans were to spend the night with Aunt Miranda and go to Chuck E Cheese! 

Her Birthday wish list…  DS game and clothes!  That’s all!


This birthday was a big milestone for Mater…  She’s moved up to a size 6 which means she can now start wearing the ‘Justice’ brand.  So, she got several outfits and a panda necklace from there.  (What’s a Aubrey birthday with out some sort of Panda.)

Her Birthday night was spend at Aunt Miranda’s with a Mater requested spaghetti dinner and the same Panda cake Granddaddy got her last year.



Rhett really wanted to help open presents:


She’s still got some growing to do before those Justice jeans will fit!


Miranda may have hit the nail on the head when she gave Aubrey a recycling center.  And the ant farm. 


Sweet Georgia Claire missed everything!


Granddaddy’s surprise for Aubrey and the rest of the kids! 


Everybody Smile





Thursday, January 20, 2011

How we Rang in 2011

We had an amazing 3 full days to spend with each other.  Something so rare.  (We can’t even get a half day without plans very often.) 

We spent New Years eve finding homes for all our new things we got for Christmas and doing a full Grocery trip.  Sam’s and Wal-Mart.  (My idea of a good time.  Really!) We spent the evening with some friends we hardly ever see anymore.  Mike & Leslee and their kids.  We cooked, chatted and got all caught up.   No matter what the occasion or day, we don’t party after 9:00 anymore and thankfully Mike and Leslee don’t either.

Joshua Promised me he would stay up and ring in the new year with me this year.  We did!  The best way I can think of.  In Bed!  Watching all the New Year stuff on TV.

New Years day was started also, the best way I can think of.  With donuts:

 121 123

Homemade with powdered sugar icing/glaze.  Wonderful.  Simply Wonderful!

Before we could even get the donuts eaten Joshua already had out tamale making stuff.  We thought we would try some since we can’t find anyone to make us any!  They were amazing.  He made pork for him and chicken for me.  Mine had only the good parts of chicken, cilantro and green chilies!  They were amazing and did not take near the time we thought.

251   119 115

He also made homemade salsa to go with them!  So Yummy!  I have never in my life had tamales this good!  Good job Hunny!


The girls spent the afternoon playing dress-up

131 129 130

That evening we went to Granny’s to see my cousins from Georgia.  As always it’s a blast to get together with them!

216 While we were there, Joshua meet Georgia Claire for the very first time. I think she liked him!


So Cute to see him chatting with Georgia Claire. 


It was not glamorous or fancy, but I think we gave 2011 a pretty good start!