Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Caution, I’m on a Soap Box!

First, I’d like to start out with my whereabouts for the past few weeks.  I know I was supposed to document my journey to the anorexic look, but I was without internet.  The ‘tech supports’ exact words to me were, “Uh ma’am.  You have exceeded the limit of the law for internet usage.  You will be S.O.L for the next few days.  I Paraphrased that last sentence.  So after a month, I called back and turns out, I’m allowed one free pass that the first 5 people I spoke with forgot to mention………

Second, my journey for the ultimate body has failed.  Of course it’s not my fault either.  The full story will come later but the short of it is a cage was built around my body sculpting machine (treadmill for those of you not up on body building lingo.)  I’ll get to that story in a month or so at my rate.

But here is the important things.  (if this is the first time ever to read my blog, you may want to come back in a month or so.)

Let’s start with Facebook.  It’s the devil.

I got onto Facebook several years ago because back when I did hair, my client wanted me to see pictures she had on Facebook.  So I did.  Then I forgot about it for years.  Then, I was hounded and talked into starting a photography page.  I did and SCORE!  Major success!  Then I started looking at the posts on my personal page.  CRAP!  All crap. 

My favorite is when everyone is so freaken perfect, never have a bad day and they have all this fun with all their money.  I’m not buying it.  Sorry. 

Then you get the few that badmouth their own kids.  If your not standing up for your own kids, who is?  You also get the opposite, the overly proud parents of sub par kids. 

The the annoying Bitchen.  Yes, that may be what I’m doing right now, but this is my blog not a public forum.  See Disclaimer!   People only get on to grip.  Like that’s all they can do…  Ugggg

You also have your people that knowing  post something may/will hurt someone else's feelings (Not mine, I don’t have feelings)  They just post away because they don’t feel they are held accountable… “It’s just facebook”.    Idiots!

The political radical that does nothing but bad mouth the president.  You don’t have to like him but he’s in charge of your country.  Support him at all costs and do better to get the positive side shown of who you think should be president next.  Moron!

Last thing and most annoying is when one person dominates the entire day.  I’m here, I’m there.  GET A LIFE.  I don’t have time for that kinda crap so that just makes me think you need to get a real life or come help me with mine. 

I’ve seen more peoples true colors and the content of their character though facebook and I’m so thankful for that part of it.

Done with that. 



Joel Osteen. 

If you have ever talked bad or if you dislike Joel Osteen, that’s fine with me.  Your entitled to your own opinion and here is mine.  If you do not support, don’t like, or have said anything negative about Mr. Osteen, you are not a Christian.  Simple.  Blunt.  Hard to take.  Truth hurts!

How many people have you converted into a believer?

How much of your own money have you spent trying to get bibles and God’s word to people?

How many hours a week do you spend preaching His word to others?

What ever you answered Joel Osteen’s got you beat!  Any of God’s words preached to anyone is never a bad thing.  Ever! 

Watered down?  Maybe. 

What will I get in return kinda thinking?  Sure. 

For profit?  Absolutely! 

Joel Osteen is exactly what the non-believers need to hear.  He preaches the concept that you reap what you sew that I believe in whole heartedly.  He preaches scriptures Straight from the bible and then relates them to the modern world.  (HE DOES PREACH FROM THE BIBLE)  He keeps it simple instead of overwhelming like some do.  When it gets overwhelming and you have your “bible thumpers throwing scripture at you… It can make even a believer start thinking it’s too much; maybe even over their head”

Yes he lives in a home the size of most malls and yes he has a great life but he deserves it!  Every bit of it.  His Church does amazing things for their community and for the world and so does he.  So instead of griping about him…  use your time doing good and preaching what you believe instead of bitching about how someone else (that has converted thousands of non-believers) is doing it.

Hear his story.  Take the time.  It’s a good one.  He even tells about that huge ass home and how he prayed to have something like that.  (I know everyone out there would live like that if they could!)


I’ll be taking comments, phone calls, emails and texts to set you straight on any of these matters if you have any doubt I’m right. 

If you think I‘m wrong, I don’t care!  I’m not.  Go be a hater (AKA non-Christian) somewhere else.


Your Welcome!