Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

Love this time of year!  Love to decorate my house for fall and love the new colder weather!  Love taking my girls to the Pumpkin patch and this year, My sister got to go also!  We had so much fun!


It’s also a petting zoo and we laughed at Joshua for feeding the goats!  Like he doesn’t get a chance to do that three times a day already!


I have a picture of Autumn when she was 3 standing in about this same spot!  She was wearing overalls and a blue bow!  I miss that little girl now that she’s not little!


See, not little anymore!  It’s crazy to know she has changed so much!


Bad BAD  B.A.D family photo.  Ugggg It was rainy and my hair was huge!


Goat on a bridge…  I’m trying to talk Joshua into building one for our goats.


Tractor time:


My sister:


My Ham


Picking pumpkins is apparently hard….


Except for Rhett…