Monday, January 11, 2010

It was bound to happen and one night it did

(I wanted to first say thank you for everyone who called, emailed, texted or commented about Lady. It has helped. Thank you! I think my Aunt Marilyn said it best “My theory about these incredibly sweet animals that are only in our lives for a short while.....they are angels sent to help us in some way.” I so believe this!)

Well it was bound to happen and it finally did: my camera broke. As heavy, big and bulky as it was and the fact that my girls love to use it, I knew it would happen, just was hoping it wouldn't.
It's just the focus mechanism in the lens so hopefully it can be fixed cheaply and quickly. The other camera I have is a little point and shoot that's not that great anyway. I have one more but it's in storage. Hopefully soon, I will be back in business. (Literally too)

Today was not a great day and absolutely nothing special happened. We started by going to a new Church. It was a Cowboy Church, in a huge metal building with crazy wood walls and gate latches on the bathroom stalls. Charming. Not sure about the people but the preacher seemed nice. Long-winded but nice. The music was the good part. Down home foot stomping southern country gospel. I have never seen so much hooten and hollering. Come to think of it, I have never seen ANY hooten and hollering at a church before.
Then home for naps and we also buried Lady. This started the tears again. Autumn has had an especially hard time so we called Ganny & Larry and headed up to Dairy Queen for some dinner and ice cream.

Now everyone is in bed and it's calm and quiet again. We are ready to see whats in store for this week. We need a blessing!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your camera! Hopefully, you'll have it back soon and you'll be right back at taking beautiful pictures again:)

    I am so glad to hear you guys visited another church! Sounds like a place that is really on fire for the Lord! We LOVE hooten and hollering! Jesus deserves all the hooten and hollering we can do......all day, everyday day!!! I hope you guys go back again for another visit, who knows that may be your new church home:)

    I pray you all have a wonderful week and it will be a blessing......SPEAK IT, CLAIM IT, RECEIVE IT!!! Love ya!


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