Saturday, January 9, 2010

We will miss you Lady

Lady went to Heaven this morning.  I'm not sure why.  (The vet thinks it might have been something wrong with her genetics)  I have a heavy heart and am still so sad.  She fit right in with our family the minute I got her out of the box at that grocery store in Oklahoma.  She was 4 months old and too young to die.
She followed the girls and never left their side.  She herded our goats and cows and made sure to give them a turn chasing her too.
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 goats 025
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She loved our other dog Holly and chasing frogs in the pond. 
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She had those sad eyes that made you want to hug her and she could beg sweet and sad enough to get anything off your plate. 
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She had a funny and quirky personality that kept us laughing.  We joked that she tried so hard to be good. 
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She gave and showed us so much love and I hope she could say the same about us in return.  She will be missed so so much.  Why or How this is Gods plan, I'm not sure.  I will choose to believe it is for a purpose though.  I will never forget her.
Dana Raw 1 198 001 028  Dana Raw 1 197
Her helping put up our Christmas tree
Playing in the snow and snowflakes on her face
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Her First Picture
sept 045
Her last picture taken last night.  She was not feeling well and sleeping under the desk
She made our hearts bigger in the last 3 1/2 months.  I’m so glad we had that time!

This morning for us started out so rough as you can imagine.  I was glad to have a birthday party to go to for the girls cousin Isabelle.  They had a great time and made them feel better.  Then we went to have icecream and play at chick-fil-a.  Jennifer and her girls met us there and we just felt so much better after spending a few hours with them. 

Then we came home to this:

Joshua saw a sign for free puppies and could not pass it up.  We had been looking for a dog to stay with the goats and I think that is where she will end up.  (She liked it out there.)  She is not a replacement for Lady but she is the cutest bundle of fur!  Her name is Brinks.  Like Brinks Home Goat Security  : )


Autumn already loves her but cries about every 5 minutes or sees anything that reminds her of Lady.  I'm praying so hard that her heart will heal very soon.  She wrote this

Oh it's been a hard day.  I hope I have something better to post about tomorrow.


  1. I'm crying now for yall DeAnna!!! She had the sweetest eyes ever! Please know that she is in the BEST hands Jesus Hands!!! I'm glad you guys had so much joy in such little time! Love you!

  2. Sorry to hear about Lady. That's a tough one. Hope you all get through it. Lady knows she was loved and that's the best gift you can give. or get.

  3. OMGoodness girl, Brinks is too cute!!!! I know he is not a replacement, but I pray he brings you all just as much joy as Lady did and more! See how God works, WHO KNEW that Joshua would just happen to see this sign for a free puppy!!! God is good and I can't wait to meet Brinks soon(Before he gets bigger):)hehe Love you!

  4. Hey D, I am so sorry for y'alls loss! I hope you all feel better SOON and find some sort of comfort!

    Brinks is such a cutie! Congratulations!


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