Friday, January 8, 2010

Miss. Smarty Pants and Lady Lou

Today was Autumn's awards assembly for the 3rd 6 weeks. Again, for the 3rd 6 weeks she got an award for her geniousness, I will claim responsibility! She loves school and looks forward to everyday. She lives to read and then to play school. She can be the sweetest teacher with such cooperative kids or a strict teacher with a room full of discipline problems. I know that whatever she decides to be when she grows up she will do great at, but I'm really hoping she is a teacher and or a mom.

Our sweet little puppy 'Lady' is not feeling very well tonight

Although these pictures are funny and something she really did, she is really sick. She's thrown up and fallen over a few times. She's laying in the floor next to our bed and we can hear her tummy growling. We have a call into the vet, but it's a little late so we might have to wait until the morning. Please pray for our puppy! She's has been a huge blessing in our house by helping us to overcome some of our sadness over our last two dogs. She truly fits in and we love her so much!


  1. You?? Reply??? Who Knew!!

    Congratulations Autumn!!!! I'm proud of you! and I hope your puppy gets well soon. You think she caught something from sleeping with Josh?


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