Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

I know your singing Vanilla Ice aren't you?  Dum dada dum dum  dum dumb...

Quick note:  I'm having trouble with my yahoo email.  Uhhhh I can't see them at all.  So, over the past few weeks I have only got a taste of the email I have received but never a full bite so if you did not get a return email, I promise I'm not ignoring you!   Helk, living this counrty life, I'm just greatful to have interent.  I'm just so lucky it gives me time to start a load of laundry while the page loads!  ; )

Onto the intended post!

Did anyone notice that it was BLASTED cold? Well it is. Our town shut down until 10:00. When Joshua asked Annsley why she did not go to school, she said it was because it was too cold! Ha. It was so cold that the cleaners under my sink froze! There were little tiny snowflakes in my slush-like dish soap. The cascade was too frozen to even come out. I had to set it in hot water! (I never could get the little tiny soap snowflakes to show up in the picture. They were cute too.)

So that last post when I was talking about loving the routine. That got shot all to wherever. With the girls being out for almost 3 weeks and then adding some ice days to it, they are getting sick of crafts and being inside. Hopefully next week will be better.

Today was fun still. Autumn was here until 10:00 and the girls school was cancelled for the day so they ate their lunches here at home. They LOVE Lunchables.

All Mama got was a sandwich and tortilla chips.

Funny things today:

Annsley’s attire

When she wanted bezert and cakecakes.  (Desset and Cupcakes)

When I asked her if she knew my other name (besides Mom) she said “Danna, no wait Ren.” Ren is short (I think) for my middle name of Renee and is what Joshua and his brother call me. Not sure Jordan ever calls me by my real name now that I think about it. Apparently Joshua calls me that more often than I thought.

Aubrey was trying to get away with something and Joshua said “get your butt back in here.” Her response; “Dad, I thought you said I don’t have a butt.” She’s so skinny her undies don't always stay up.

This much fun (and misery) should not be allowed!


  1. Hey, remember me?

    frozen cleaning supplies is a very good excuse for not cleaning! Love your creativity with that. I hope you all are staying warm enought!!??

    Oh, Ren is short for Renny which is short for Renee. Like Nanner is short for Deanna.

    And like "The Old Man" is short for Dad.

  2. I like your nick name Nanner Renny. I bet nobody knows my nickname - It's Jane. For the story behind that one go to


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