Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I’m Baaaack!

Still nada lawda exciting things.  I did get treated like a child during a over the phone meeting with tech support.  No prob!

I did get a chance to chat with a few family members and friends on the phone.

The girls went to school and then played their little hearts out outside.

I’m sure hoping April Showers don’t come too bad.  I fear spring storms.  Love rain, Hate storms!

Got big plans to re-organize our girls hand~me~down clothing system!

I have some pictures from yesterday.

I know your excited!


Yesterday:  We went to feed the cows and I got some good pictures of some…

Ms. Cranky Pants:


Ms. Paris… Always Cranky but with that she’s able to keep the coyotes (and anything else) away from the cows.


Look at these muscles…  Crazy.  Wish I had those!


Oh, Wait!  I do.  Somewhere!


Smart Jackolena.  This is such a bad pic.  She’d normally so shiny & pretty.


Think I’m the only person in the world that has all their cows named.  Well, it’s not like Joshua has thousands or anything.

This is where the cows live.  I wished I lived here too.  It’s away from everything civilized.  And that’s right where I need to be.


Then we went for a little ice cream.  We tried searching for a ball game but no luck.  We can usually calm the natives with dessert though. 


So for those of you that are still here, it means your a friend or family member and feel obligated to read the entire thing out of fear of me asking you questions about it later; I just want to say one thing:

That was one long sentence. 

Wait, that wasn't it.

This is:  I feel better!  I am almost back to my loud and boring self.  I’m still behind on pictures so no fun for me just yet, but thank you for all your sympathetic calls and emails that most likely went unanswered.  Thanks for offering to watch the girls or help try to prop me back up!  Is it because you love me or want me to get better so posting morale goes up?

Thanks also for living with the fact I no longer talk on the phone.  It’s just irritating and my lack of desire to stand still so my phone does not cut out is overwhelming.  I’m living in a reception rejecting hole but at least I like the view.  Most days!  One day when I venture out into the world, I will get all the parts to have a home phone and maybe just maybe my Killer High Speed internet may catch up to the speed of smell and I will once again enjoy being connected to the outside world.  Hellllow Out Theerr! 

So, Thanks for everything!


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  1. reception rejecting hole!!! So that's why you don't call!! Ha. Just kidding. Love the way you phrase things.


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