Saturday, May 1, 2010

3 Amigos

I have 2 of the worlds sweetest, greatest, smartest, classy and highly attractive best friends!  They surprised me today with a little visit.  They called Joshua to fill him in on the details so everyone but me knew.  Instead of trying to capture the entire day I chose to enjoy it and the girls.  They are the worlds best.  They brought me an appt to get my nails done and a new coffee maker.  (Mine broke a few days ago.) I could not have asked for a better day!  Love you ladies!

Now, here’s some pictures from yesterday and today…

Here is my Cupid.


The girls love holding her.

 329 354

And feeding her:


She loves her light:

336 341 

Thought I’d throw these in.

358 359   

And here is the big 9 pounder born last night!  Stocky little thing and LOUD! Oh she’s loud!

 403 405 409 410

Then, today on one of my many checks I found crazyness.


Triplets!  Two boys and a girl!  (Our first boys)


One of the new babies had wondered off and was being brutalized by another goat just wanting to play.  Dear Lord..  Don’t let a baby goat get head butted and brain scrambled in front of me before I get to it!!!!

I also saw this:


Good ole Thomas walking around with a bucket around his waist.  Not his first time and not the sharpest animal in the barn!

430 433 434 436

The girls were at the house and Joshua was at work.  Why crazy happens with me I don’t know.  I did not know where to go first.  So, I got little goat back with Mom, moved the bucket down a bit so Tom could breath and then went to get the girls.

The bucket had to be cut with bolt cutters, the goats had to move to a different stall and I’m glad to be in bed!  All is well for now, but that will change!


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