Friday, September 17, 2010


I talked to Annsley all summer about going back to school but she could not grasp the concept of a new teacher.  Her teacher IS Mrs. Darla.  Over the summer we got to know her new teacher a little so by the time school started she at least would say her name “Mrs. Shannon.” 

So before school, we had some time to sit in the car and talk.  This is the moment I realize how old she is.

239 237 

Walking in, I realized she looks like a miniature teenager.  (Toy-Teen)


And as I imagined, she went straight to Mrs. Darla’s class.  After quite a bit of talking to her and then seeing her best friend Olivia, she reluctantly went into her new class room. 

 245 246


Her class started out with only 1 boy.  By the end of the first day there were 2 and now there are 3.  They still don’t stand a chance with 6 girls!

She loves it now.  NOW.  She is actually talking to her teacher and has left her blanket in the classroom a time or two during recess.  As you can see in one of the pictures the girl in yellow is her teacher and is pregnant.  Her baby is due at Christmas time so there will be a new teacher for the rest of the year.  Mrs. Tessa.  We love Mrs. Tessa!  She also has a daughter named Kannon that Annsley really likes and she will also be in the class.  Annsley is super excited to go back after the first of the year!  Now all my girls are in school and I have a few days a week to get my stuff done. 

Yeah Right……..


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