Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Two Oldest Babies

My girls are growing way too fast.  It’s horrible but so fun to watch them grow and be independent! The are beautiful, smart, funny and they have great street smarts!  (Trust me…they do.)


It hurts me to see how old they look/are in the above picture…


This is the girls the morning school started…


Autumn walking down the hall.  She had a great big smile and I felt as though I was dropping her off at college or prison only to never see her again.  (The bare, picture and artless walls did not help)  She got the teacher that SHE requested and she was so excited to find out what is was like to have a BOY teacher!  He’s super funny and very disciplined and she likes that!


I was struggling with Aubrey.  She is just not old enough to be anywhere without me.  She defiantly should not eat lunch and nap without me fixing it or tucking her in.  I was hating life at this moment.


Then I learned, the first day was a short day and the parents were to stay.  They walked the kids though every single thing they will be doing in school including getting a lunch tray.  That by far was the highlight of her day.


She also got a gift from her teacher.  A little welcome to kindergarten package.  She also got the teacher we requested and we could not be any happier!


Well, I know everything happens for a reason and I feel God knew I just was not ready to let my middle baby go off just yet.  She woke up for school the second morning and was sick.  Fabulous…. Another day with my middle baby.  Then, the third day of school, I was told her shot records never got faxed and she could not attend until those came in.?.  This was Wednesday and our doctors office is closed on Wednesday.  So Thursday, was Aubrey’s official first day of school and by then, I was ready to drop her off anywhere! (just about) Here she is all excited about her first official day.  It was great, she loved it!


Annsley’s school starts way later so I have really enjoyed some one on one time with her and she has as well.  This day, I had to get my car inspected, and she felt like she needed snacks and sunglasses before we went anywhere.  She’s a little diva when it’s just her and that’s fine by me!

110 112

She’s also getting some great naps wherever she wants!


We've done a little shopping too.  She has quite the fashion sense but would not look up at the camera for this picture.  She told me it was about the hat, not her! Ha!!


I was also asked to do some kid watching for a preschool which we thoroughly enjoyed!


I love our little routine we have now and love that Joshua is home with us in the mornings so we eat breakfast and dinner together everyday.  He’s so helpful in the mornings too.  Who’d a thought that???


Love these girls…



  1. Awwww, the babies are growing up!!! D, the girls are so precious & you guys are super fortunate!

    Glad the girls are happy and doing well!

    P.S. Don't blink too much because you will be dropping them off at PRISON...oops, I mean college before you know it, LOL!


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