Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Autumn

My little 6 lbs. 5 oz bundle of joy baby girl turned 10!  We started the weekend like we do a lot of weekends….. Showing!  Ramey showed up with a bouquet of balloons and we went home with the balloons, 3rd place and 2nd place ribbon!




Aubrey came in 3rd for her class and the judge leaned down to tell Aubrey why her goat came in 3rd


She then asked the judge a question that apparently stumped him.  Wish we could remember what it was but I love the look on the judges face!!! Ha!_DSC2314


This is not one of my kids but this goat was one of our babies that we sold and it won the class!  Whew who!


The show gets boring sometimes so GC decided to nap!


Then Lunch, presents and cake with Granddaddy


Toms from Graddaddy


Aubrey made Autumn and First place birthday ribbon!


I made Autumn a Blanket that she wanted!


Show shirt from Miranda


And Joshua and I played a little trick on Autumn and told her she only had 2 things from us!  We put tons of stuff in one box so she was surprised to open and find zebra print duct tape, shirts, shoes and gift cards!


She thought it was funny!


Cake time!


That night Granny, Pawpaw, Nana, Papa, Lindsey, Jordan and Kristie came over for dinner, gifts and cake!



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