Friday, January 1, 2010

I welcome you 2010!

Hello 2010. I'm really glad you're here. Last year was crammed full of firsts so I'm looking forward to this year of our new normal and all the exciting things that were planned last year but will happen this year. Although last year can be described using several explicatives, I will choose to call it blessed. I have so many things to be thankful for from 2009.
We made it all the way through    Healthy kids      Joshua and all he did      Butterfingers     Livin the country life      Better Schools     New Friends      Great Job      New Car    New House   My dream kitchen      Church Friends    Bare Minerals      My ADD RX     Old friends      The 3 pounds I lost      Made it to 28    The Animals old and new     Granny moving closer      Mini vacations       Fresh starts    A country town     Chenille socks      Every Single Picture of My Girls     and my Family of 5 that’s closer than ever.

    Things however were not always good. Most importantly, my amazing Grandpa Jack. I miss him…. I lost 2 dogs that meant the world to me. I’m 1 ½ years closer to 30. We sold our home, moved to a new town, started new schools, found a new church, shop at different stores and live a different life. That was a very hard adjustment that made our life unrecognizable but has turned into a huge blessing and great fresh start.

I welcome you 2010.
     My new years goals are simple and the same as the last several years. First and most important: Be a better mom, wife, photographer, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Corny but it’s real. I want to spend more time with my Dad, sister, Mom and Gramma. (I want my Dad to move closer Wink.) I want to send more cards and letters and make a few more calls to just say Hello. I want to notice when people need something and want to give more of my time to help people that need it. I want to be better at cooking and bake a little more. I want to create more memories and take more pictures with less fear about the quality. I want more dates with Joshua and I want to be closer to God.
       I have great plans/goals for my business that I never thought would be this successful (pray that it does not belly flop this year) and a brand new family business that I am very excited about being a part of. (Pray it does not belly flop also) I have a mostly perfect husband and 3 girls that will be teenagers in a matter of minutes. We have animal babies due, projects underway and a 95% finished home that is in need of its 5%!
      We also can’t forget too the usual that is forgotten (on purpose) within the first week or two: Keep the house a little cleaner and more organized, spend more time in Church and less time in stores, have more fun and stop pullen and messen with you’re my damn lips.

       I'm excited about my first public blog (Hello to all you 5 people.) I have been an undercover blogger since late 2007 and now I'm coming out! Putting it all out there/airing my laundry. Please see disclaimer to right. Hopefully I wont offend anyone (not sure how I so unknowingly do that) but this really is about what we do and what I think and because I will be the only one posting... my side opinion about everything! I know we are boring and not at all glamorous so enjoy the mundane of our days and the explanations of what goes along with that.
      Enjoy what I write or grip about but mostly enjoy the pictures I will post of my 4 most favorite people.

That’s a ton of stuff that I cannot wait to see through the year… Last year was such a blessing and I have prayed and will continue to pray that this year is just as full but more fun than the last!


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