Saturday, January 2, 2010

How did We ring in the new year?

The most unglamorous way possible. In the past few years (probably since kids) we have rang in the new year the same way every year..... Kids sleeping, Joshua snoring and me the only one awake in the house and celebrating. My little party of one. I have always watched the ball drop as I counted ever so quietly and drank my Dr. Pepper on the rocks. I think one year I even had sparkling grape juice. Yes, I went all out.

So, instead we waited for 2 hours at a restaurant before figuring out it would be another hour at least before we ate so we went to the restaurant next door an ate Mexican.

We rang in the new year (New York time) because that was the moment we were finally crawling in bed.

We rang in the real new year trying to to keep horses and cows calm because of the redneck neighbors shooting off fireworks over our pasture. Can’t call the police when you live this far out.

Bed @ 1:00 a.m.

New Years Day: Granny and Larry came by and brought black-eyed peas and cornbread so everyone got to eat New years lunch together. (Even if Jordan, Papa, Joshua and Autumn had to eat outside because they were muddy and smelled like the trash piles they were burning)
This is the first picture I took in 2010!

(Yes, Annsley eats black-eyed peas with a fork on a plate)

Annsley decided to go home with Gran for a bit

So I took the opportunity to take it easy for a minute and watch one of the 10 movies I recorded in the last 2 days. Love’n these holiday movies….. Then off to see my Gramma and a few cousins that were in town for the holidays. (Took the camera but was visiting and forgot to get some pictures)

So here is some random pictures I took this weekend

What do a Chinese IT guy, a black Christian rapper, and a white country boy have in common?...........................................................................................................

Their wives of course. The 3 of us ladies have been friends for going on 5 years now. Between the 3 of us we have 8 daughters that are also great friends.  What a bonus that our husbands get along too.
I feel lucky to have 2 ladies who would do anything for me and my family. (they both have proven this to me too)
I love you gals!

Tomorrow is Sunday and back to working (for me) and getting ready for the crazy life again! Oh, Can’t wait! (That is written in a very sarcastic tone if you could not tell)


  1. So nice to see all of you so happy :) ireally miss you guy's and hope to see you in less than 2 years i promise !!!
    i wish you the greatest year ever :)

    Marie the beligianiiiiise :)

  2. Thank you soooo much for your kind words about our friendship! It brings me great joy to know I have 2 good friends who are sincere and down to earth! I thank God for you and Jennifer and I thinks its such a blessing how our families get along so well! I pray when we are old and gray, that we will still be hanging out together laughing having a blessed time. Love you lady!


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