Monday, January 4, 2010

All good things must come to an end

I have just turned my school wake up alarms back on after two and a half weeks and feel a bit queasy. I hate waking up early. Does that make me lazy or do you know what all goes on to get three very sleepy girls ready for school and out the door on time. They are all very hard and slow to wake up, breakfast takes forever to eat and then the outfits that were picked out with such detail the night before are no longer acceptable. The backpacks need to be re-checked and the juice bottles need to be topped off. Again. Now that it’s winter add coats and defrosting the windshield and a few minor arguments over why she has to sit in her car seat when she already did yesterday and that almost concludes the morning. Then me crying as I leave what I bet is going to be a crying child at school and then….. Oh my then those few short hours of loneliness that are so welcome. What should I do first; the laundry, no the dishes, nope nope work or maybe mopping. I’m sure I will find something.

But for today, I wanted to make it fun being the last day off for the girls.
I planned an entire day of nothing so the girls could have one vacation day this Christmas break and they just played all day.

Make up

Telling Aubrey what we will be doing for her Birthday:

Bendaroo’s Santa brought

Wii  (I wished I'd have gotten a picture of Annsley playing for the very first time.  I was just too busy watching how cute it was.  She loved it by the way!)

And apperently my family took a vote and have decided that more desserts need to be made.  I agree!  So, tonight was heath cookies.  Yummmm!

I have all of my people and animals all tucked into the appropriate beds, barns and crates. I have a tiny bit of work and then I too will join the land of unconsciousness!  Goodnight world wide web.

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