Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Birthday week begins here.

This weekend officially starts Aubrey's Birthday week! Yes, we celebrate for a week! It's one week a year that is totally devoted to that child. Every meal, every activity, every thing is something they want to do. We have so much family that there is almost enough parties to have one a day for a week too. This Saturday was the party at my Sweet Grandma Dorothy's. She used to make glass Dolls so the girls love getting out her dolls.
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My Dad managed to find a Panda Cake and that made Aubrey's day! She loved it. We forgot the candles so we had to use matches. Aubrey didn't care!
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Aubrey has just discovered Moxie dolls and she just loves them. She was so glad to get another. Her other one also came from Granddaddy. Good Job Dad! She also got some $ and I think she has decided to go get a 'manicure and pedicure'. How funny is that!!!! Only if Mama can get one too?
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My Aunt Marilyn was also there. She has a way of always staying behind the camera!!! I guess that's who I get it from. Anyway... It was a good trip and I enjoyed the time to catch up with my Grandma, Marilyn and Dad! Some of my most favorite people!

The entire time we were there, I noticed Autumn taking a special interest in talking with Grandma and doing what she could to help her. She took her everything to keep her from having to get up and was always asking if she needed anything. She kept telling me how much she loved Grandma. When it was time to go, Grandma started to get a little sad and tiered up a bit. Not okay with Autumn. She started crying and begging to stay longer. She asked all the way home why someone could not live with her and if she could live with us. That girl has a bigger heart than Texas. I’m so glad she’s mine! LOVE her!


I came home to try to lay down and that's when I noticed tragedy. My computer was saying something very weird. Now when my computer is down, it's like one of my babies is sick. I quickly rushed it over to my Mom and Larry's. I don't know cause I'm not techy but he fixed it. He's like my Hero. (for this weekend anyway)

Dearest Computer,

I'm so so glad your better, but you really scared me. When you don't let me on the internet and tell me you have a virus, that's just not funny. After the hard few weeks I have had... I just don't need you to start getting week on me. I need you, I depend on you and for those 8 to 9 people that read my blog, I need you to work so I can update them. I'm sorry you were sick though and so glad your better now. Let's see if we can keep up this healthy state! Love you!

Today was good except I am now the sick one. I'm sure I caught whatever my computer had. (were too close like that) so after church and the grocery store, I came home and went straight to my bed. Where I stayed until 4! FOUR, F.o.U.R. That's just lazy. After I finally got up and regained conciseness, I cooked the bestest potato soup and took it over to Joshua's Parents house for Lynsey and Jordan's 21st Birthday. The girls wrapped up all the toys and gave them to Lynsey. She was a good sport and went along with it. Then there were cupcakes. The girls snuck goldfish from our house to make into cupcakes there.
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Not sure what goes on in those pretty little heads!

{One more thing... Aubrey has been asking to see Mrs. Lori (Her teacher) since her husband died on Monday and today at Church she saw her all the way across the Church. She asked every 5 minutes when she could go hug her. It was so sweet when she finally got to. Mrs. Lori just hugged her and I think it helped Aubrey's heart. Hopefully Lori's too. Were looking forward to having her back at school! }


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! Glad you had fun and got to sneak in a little rest! The pictures of Dad, Grandmother, and the girls turned out really good. Did you get your camera fixed?


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