Monday, January 25, 2010

Mess, Tangles, and Birthday Plans...

Today was full of the girls dragging out all their toys. Why they need to play with all of them at the same time, I don't know. Because I was downstairs, they had to be down stairs and apparently so did their toys. Can you guess what happened when I went upstairs?
Tonight while Joshua and the big girls were out feeding, I gave Annsley a bath.

It's been almost a week since she has had her hair brushed. It was Bad!

When you have curly hair, you cannot brush it when it's dry, I don't wash their hair everyday, and we only brush when it's wet and full of oil.

Her hair is not unwashed just un brushed.  I washed her hair twice without brushing (the first time because she went to sleep on me and the second is because she used ALL of my silk therapy on her doll and while I was busy looking for something else she feel asleep again) so needless to say at this point it was really bad.


It took us about 30 minutes but we did get it brushed! Finally! 


While we were in the bathroom our little puppy joined us.  She’s getting so big (doubled is size in 2 weeks) and is fitting in so well.  We call her Calamity.  It fits!

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Aubrey got a birthday card from her Gramma today. Thank you Gramma

Her Birthday has had a few changes. The original plan was to go to the Memphis Zoo to see the Panda Bears and spend a few days but we have thought about it and decided to stay close. We told her she would not get but a few gifts if we went to Memphis so now she's really looking forward to some great gifts. We still plan on doing something great but not sure what yet. We may even have a small Birthday party; I just don't know. I feel bad canceling because the Zoo had special plans for her, the hotel room was going to be decorated in black and white balloons and we had a bakery planning a panda bear cake. I now have NO plans at all!  Very unlike me for a birthday! 

This is everyone trying to help find something closer to do!

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I'll keep you posted if I come up with something...... I was really excited about Memphis but maybe we can go this summer.


  1. That bath picks are too cute! I WISH I could let the girls hair go unbrushed.....that just doesn't work in this house, not even Simone's hair since it is finer and thinner than Camille's:) Calamity is too precious and I'm glad to hear she is fitting in so well! Please keep us posted about Aubrey's birthday if yall decide to have a party here, we would LOVE to be there for her!!!

  2. I think that all three of your girls are beautiful, but that Annsley is just absolutely precious!

  3. I couldn't decide which comment to post, so I thought I would post both and let you decide. =) Love you.

    Did you take my dog and make her a puppy again? Because that's what it looks like.

    What, looking like me wasn't enough, you needed our dogs to look alike too?!


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