Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blogging 101

I have been asked a lot since I started how I got started and how I have time everyday. (I also realized I have more than 5 readers. I have like 9 or 10. I know I know. It’s almost like I’m famous.) I know that I am revered and my words can change the blogging world so I will explain in detail how I do it.

1) Pick a blog name. This may take some time or in my case just about 30 seconds. This might may be determined by what you want your blog to be about. Make it creative and reflect you and your blog. How appropriate it is that my blog says the word mess in the title. You get the idea….

2) Make a commitment. If it’s not something you are going to take seriously then don’t even start. I can’t tell you how many blogs I follow that people just ‘forgot’ they even have a blog. Some families have blogs and blog every day (raising hand saying me me me me) and some only post when something great happens like holidays, birthdays or their oh so glamorous vacation just to rub it in.
Then you gatta pick a time: I plug in my memory card about the time I getting ready to put the girls in bed. I just don’t think that me begging on my hands and knees and bribing the kids to stay in their beds is picture worthy so I don’t need the camera handy at that time. Then, while that’s loading I will do a little cleaning upl. Then when that’s done and pictures are loaded I pick my favorites and load them to the blog. By the time I have gotten jammies on and crawled into bed, the pictures are waiting on the post and all I have to do in fill in the blanks. Then I throw the computer on the floor, throw kids back in bed if necessary and then go to sleep my self!

3) Find a design you like. If you don’t like looking at your blog, no one else will either. If you like your blog and no one else does…..who cares! I got someone to make mine just because I have the worlds slowest high speed internet and really got sick and tired of trying to load a background an hour later.

4) Make your first post count. Let all your readers (Know you might not start out with the multitude of readers that I did) but let them know your intentions. What it is for. Now I have read a lot of blogs in my day and have never seen a disclaimer quite like mine, but I highly recomend it. Run the cranky people off but have something in writing if you were to piss someone off. (Q music) It’s my blog and I can yak about you if I want to. Yak if I want to.

5) Make some rules:

Don’t post your last name


Don’t Post your Phone #


Don't tell future plans.

Oh, that reminds me I'll be in Hawaii all next week,
my house will be empty!
The jewelry will be in the jewelry box just waiting for their new owner to pick them up.
We will be gone a week, so stay a while and order some Pay-per-view!
We also plan on going to eat at McDonald's for lunch
so if your not busy here is your opportunity to stalk us and get
our autographs!

Don’t post your address or pictures of your house

That’s just dangerous.

6) Now it’s time to set up your pictures. On my computer, I have a file with our last name and year on it. Inside are 12 folders labeled with the month and year. I download pictures and save them by date (and event if something great happened that day) and delete them off my camera right away. If I did not want to delete them or save them by day, you could just download without deleting and say NO to saving a copy of already existing pictures in that file. (Then you won’t have a problem with multiple pictures having the same jpg. # and you can just delete your memory card whenever.) Being in the 'Biz' I happen to know lots of tricks and tools you can use to make this part easy so let me know if your interested.

7) And finally; it’s time to get on with it. Just take pictures and post something. Anything. Don’t worry about taking a bad picture or if what you have to say is boring. Kids won’t be kids forever and when they are all grown up, those boring days or silly little nothing posts will mean a lot. It’s also so much fun to look back on the post from the same day a year earlier. You never regret a boring post that has a picture of your babies, hobby or what you like. Hard days are okay to post too. Everyone has them and you might feel some relief when you get it all out and even receive encouraging comments or a phone call from a friend. And this really is a personal journal and scrapbook. It's really not for anyone but you and your family anyway. They won't think any less of you!

That’s how to do it my recommendation.

Now, I’m hungry for Mexican food!?!


  1. This is great advice!!! I saw a comment elsewhere from your Aunt recommending this post here.
    I just had my blog redone by designer blogs as well. Yours is sweet, as are your girls.
    Have a great day,

  2. What are you doing up so late???


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