Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cousins and Big middle Sisters

My cousin Whitney needs prayers tonight. She was on vacation in Colorado and got into a car accident after hitting some ice. She has a few fractures of her hips and back but none that require surgery at this time. She has been transferred to a bigger hospital and in the morning the doctors are going to see how well (if at all) she can get around with crutches (or as Autumn calls them "crunches"). If all goes well, they will release her from the hospital and she will come home tomorrow. Karol (her mom, my aunt) and Cody (her brother, my cousin) got there this afternoon and are with her.
Please pray for her and a safe trip home for all 3.
Aubrey was the worlds greatest big sister today! Annsley would not go to the potty for her teacher and she was wearing panties today. So they went to big sis's classroom to see if she could help. Though the bathroom door, the teacher was so impressed by Aubreys "motherly" advice and encouragment. Aubrey was giving "potty choices" and was offering to help change her into a pull-up. It was a no go but the teacher (and me) were so impressed by this nurturing side of Aubrey very rarely seen. I was so proud! We had to go to the grocery store after school so I let her pick out anything she wanted! She picked scooby gummies.

It was a better day today. Jennybee and I went shopping! We went to 2 of my most favorite stores.... Goodwill and Kid2Kid! It would have been a perfect day if I would have gotten to go a camera store and Hobby Lobby. Don't think I did not think about it though. Time and money were not permitting. Can't wait until tomorrow when I can play with everything I got!

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