Friday, January 15, 2010

Crappy cameras can still take funny pictures

As I'm uploading pictures onto my computer tonight to show you what all went on today, I was a little surprised to see several hundred pictures I had not taken. Yes, you guessed it my camera was stolen. (My cheap crappy one so I don't mind) With my great detective skills and judging by the rather close tiny chubby fingers in most of the pictures, I would guess it was Annsley.
Now, you might be thinking about my whereabouts but I assure you I was not far away. She's sneaky!
(Miranda, that's how you tell these stories without cps getting a phone call)
Anyhoo.... wanted to share:

Got a lot of these:

She found the camera because I had just taken a few pictures of her on the phone. We have a little reception problem in the house. Not sure if it's the tin roof or my cheap phone but we have very few places it get's great reception. The bathroom is the reception jackpot. If you put the phone on speaker and lay it on the window seal, you can sit on the tub (or dresser) and chit chat all day long! Annsley was talking to my sister and I thought it she look too grown up!
Tonight we went to a birthday party to celebrate Simone's Birthday. It was fun to get out of the house and play like that for a change.
The Happy Birthday Girl!Even Joshua got in on the action:Lawanna and Jennifer are my two most favorite friends and we always seem to get into a little bit of trouble. Tonight was no different. Mind you these are not great pictures anyway but add me to the mix and they get even worse.
Here we are about to go down with one of our babies on our laps:
Now this camera being a little slow, this next picture was all I got. Me and Lawanna laughing hysterically at Jennifer. She went down a little off to the side (why she did not make it in the shot) and was screaming her head off. Like she was about to slide off a cliff or something. It was sooo funny. I really wished I had a picture of her face as soon as we were done. (I did but she made me delete it. Love you Jen)
(crappy camera!)


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