Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nothing Pretty, but my Baby Loves it!

Ever have those days where everything takes one million times longer to do than they really should. Today was my day! If you read the post before this one, I’m sure you might pick up on the lack of enthusiasm, personality or even life in the last post. I was sooo tired. Well, then I did not sleep. Never was ‘sound’ asleep. Irritating. So I was up the first time Joshua’s alarm went of at some odd 5 a.m. Shortly after that Autumn was up (she gets up every morning with her Dad) and then here came Annsley. By six everyone but Aubrey was awake! What better to do at 6 a.m while Aubrey’s not around… Why wrap her presents! So we did. At SIX, sIx, SiX, 6 a.m.

I knew walking out of the house this morning for school, (as I look at my camera sitting on the counter) that I should take my camera with me. Nooo I won’t need that till later in the afternoon. Wrong! Apparently snack time is rather early in Aubrey’s class so I had to use my cheap camera.

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The cupcakes were a huge hit! Aubrey was so proud. I have the cutest picture of her class, so I will post them in the morning…. (or when I find the cord)

While I had all three girls in school, I made another attempt at Aubrey’s birthday cake. She decided she wanted a black and white cake or maybe black and pink. So that is what I did. Strawberry and Chocolate. This time it turned out. Divert your eyes if you have ever or are currently getting paid to make cakes. This is not something you will be able to handle:


I also watch cake boss so that gives me almost a masters degree in cake decorating and I felt talented enough to attempt Aubrey’s second favorite thing. Zebra Print.  026 Because I had 2 batches of cake with the chocolate and strawberry, I had a ton of cake. I decided to make it a 2 layer so the panda face will go on top of the zebra cake. It still has not fallen over yet, but there is still time. Crossing fingers!

And either I spilled or she’s guilty.  I’d put money on guilty.

 024022 025

I will blame my messy camera on her too….


Between cake making and decorating I finished Aubrey’s birthday banner. We went to a few different scrapbook stores before we realized there is just not a lot of white scrapbook paper. That’s where the Black, White, and PINK came about!


Yes, I still have the stickers on my back doors.  Makes the house still seem new and really…. that’s how I roll!  Let’s go ahead and get it all out:  not sure the other side of that door is all the way stained and I know it’s not sealed! 

I can just feel the panic start for some.

017 018

See The Panda?


Dinner tonight was Aubrey’s second favorite. Tony’s! The people there are so sweet. One person brought her queso and someone else brought her sopapillias! (?spelling?) They are too sweet there! When we got home, all she wanted to do was get into her jammies. Aubrey’s the kind of girl that wants to stay up late and sleep till noon but I helped her get her jammies on and by 8:00 she was begging to go to bed and actually fell asleep in her daddy’s arms. He said when he put her to bed she was a little warm so we will see what she feels like tomorrow!

It’s storming tonight. I hate lightning and thunder but the rain on this tin roof if a pretty good sound to go to sleep to! Maybe tonight I will get some sleep.



  1. Super cute cake! You go girl!!!!

    Happy Happy Birthday Aubrey Mae!!!

  2. That is the cutest cake DeAnna! Way to go lady, looks very good! The banner is too cute, you did a great job with that! Hope she is feeling better today!


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