Thursday, January 21, 2010

Procrastinating is so underrated

The entire preschool had off today for the funeral so the little girls and I took the food we made and dropped off our cards. I wanted to perk up the mood so naturally I would take the girls somewhere fun we don't get to do often. Well, now we live in a small town. Half an hour to anywhere and one hour to anywhere fun. So we settled on Sonic and crawling around the car for the entertainment.
Ahhh.... Living the dream.
Then NAP time. I rarely sit when I'm at home. Hardly ever. Even more rare is me putting my feet up. But today after running around all morning, we came home and rested. Note I did not say nap. Annsley got one, but poor me... Aubrey wanted to play. And chat. Love love lurve that child.
Then we did something I'm not sure I want to talk about publicly. What the helk.... I took down my Christmas lights. I took them down this 22 day of January because we were having company over. Not the family/friends that have to love you despite you but the kind that we actually care if they think were idiots or not. Plus the (used to be) real garland around our doors and windows were starting to spark when the wind blew. Now, this is not something I like to do for a simple simple reason. I love love lurve the day when your Christmas lights go from being late to refreshingly early. Makes my heart happy. And really, that's just how I roll!

Anyway our company was a pasture and his wife from our Church. In our married life we have never been an official member of a Church but have finally found one we love and we wanted to chit chat a little and basically ask if they think they would let us be members. Jury's still out, I'll let you know. You know how these southern baptists can be....
Too tired to add pictures tonight. They will be somewhere on here tomorrow. I'll aim for this post but maken no promises.

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