Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It can only go up from here! Right?

I know. I have been a little bit of a Debbie Downer lately. I’ve been playing the why me game and winning! No More! Why? I don’t know just sounds good. Here’s a good start.

It’s 24 seconds long, just watch…..

If you did not Laugh out Loud, go take a pill of some kind! You need something!

I’ve been taking a little siesta away from work. (think I should have mentioned that to some clients though) and I have thoroughly enjoyed missed the time away from my camera! I have cleaned my house a bazillion times, cooked, baked, shopped, learned facebook, and have played with my kids. That is so much fun….. I think though that may have backfired a bit. Now, all my kids want.... is for me to entertain them. Am I wearing stripes, big shoes, red noise, and crazy hair? Except for the hair, NO.

Today, I had to sit and watch Miss. Aubrey play wii. Now before you call CPS, I love my kids. Will chop heads and limbs off anyone who tries to harm or bring sadness to them but I do not ‘sit’ well. Not at my house anyway. So, for an hour, I sat and watched my joy and my blessing play Dora on her wii. What’s so wrong with the good ol fashion sit their *‘bottoms’* and watch some ‘”educational” cartoons? I could at least get a few chores done.

Joke everyone joke. Put the phone down!

*Granny*, that was for you!

Today was a big deal at our house!

Big, Huge. HUGE!

Autumn has begged and begged to do this:

019She has been dying to ride the bus…. so against her Daddy’s wishes, I let her. Not sure how long, if at all, it will continue but she LOVED it. True luve!


Why she looks so shocked there is a camera shoved in her face is beyond me! HELLO?

Tonight, I made a side dish of potatoes that will feed 100. That’s 10 lbs. of potatoes to be exact! I also made 3 pies. It’s for tomorrow which is the funeral for Geron. Aubrey’s teacher’s husband. Make sure to include her, her 2 kids and their family in your prayers for tomorrow. I can only imagine how hard it will be for them at the funeral. I will not be going but plan on taking the food and pictures Aubrey drew for her. Hopefully they can make her smile.

Oh, I added some pictures to yesterday’s post. You might want to see!


  1. So fun! I used to want to ride my bicycle to school. One day I finally got to....with Mom or Dad (Can't remember) following behind me in the car. Ughhh...parents....

  2. Awwww, I'm so glad Autumn got to ride the bus! Its an exciting thing for a child because it makes them feel independent and older! I feel so bad for Camille because she will NEVER get to ride the bus....the elementary, intermediate and middle school are ALL on the same road right behind our house:)haha We live too close for the bus to even pick her up! Bless her heart AND by the time she gets to ride it in high school, she will not want to because that will not be "cool", but we'll see because this mama may not be getting up to take her:)

    Oh and that dog video is HILARIOUS!!!! OMGoodness, poor thang was just dreaming away:)LOL


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