Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Wii bit more

Today was a little sad with our thoughts being with Aubrey's teacher. Thank you for the call and emails for Aubrey and the willingness to help. I spoke with the Church today and they are taking care of food for a while. They have started a fund so I will be donating what I can. It was hard walking in to the preschool this morning. All the preachers were there doing what they could to help and no teachers were without tears. Those ladies are like family there. Tragedy does not just affect the family.

The day was full of Annsley saying and doing the funniest things. If only I could remember what. Sometimes I think I should write down what happens but never do. I think I really should though. She has fought a bloody nose all day. She looks like she lost a fight! 

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After school the girls wanted to play wii. After the two big girls got tired Annsley picked up the controls and went to town boxing. I GOT pictures this time! Joshua and I were laughing so hard!
She kept turning around to make sure we were watching.
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I did something tonight I have only done a handful of times tonight. I sat on the couch and enjoyed some time well wasted. Watched a little idol, watched Annsley play wii, enjoyed sitting next to Joshua and let the dinner dishes soak in the sink! Ahh the life of the procrastinator! Granny and Pawpaw did something very sweet for us. They knew we and especially Aubrey are very sad for Mrs. Lori and have had it a little more difficult of late so they brought by Dilly Bars from DQ for all of us! How sweet is that! Thanks guys!

Now, I'm in bed with my now imperfect blogging conditions. Yes I have something that {was} perfect: My bedroom conditions. It's dark and den like with just the right amount of cold air over the heavy chenille and downy blankets that I'm under. We have hotel air conditioners and what a magnificent thing those are. I should get a picture. I'm in Luve with them. But my perfection is now imperfect. My lovely puppy chewed 3 holes in my duvet cover last night. Oh how I love puppies. I love puppies, I love puppies, I love puppies, I love puppies. Saying it over and over does not replace a duvet does it?


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  1. We are SO SORRY to hear about Aubrey's teacher's husband! I can't even begin to imagine and DON'T WANT TOO! We will be praying for that family & Aubrey too! Sometimes we don't understand why things happen and sometimes its not meant for us to understand, that is why we have the Lord! He is the ONLY one who can carry us through the hard times in our lives. Death is going to come to everyone, I just pray my time is no where NEAR CLOSE, because I told the Lord I wanted to see my grandchildren grow up and get married before I leave this earth. I know where I'm going when I die, its to a wonderful place with the rest of my family, but I want to see my children grow up into the strong Christian women I know the Lord has designed them to be! Like you said, no one is promised tomorrow and that is why every time I open my eyes in the morning, the first thing I say is "Thank you Jesus for a new day"!!! Every day is a blessing! Hugs and kisses, have a blessed day DeAnna:)


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