Monday, January 18, 2010

Tomorrow is NOT a Promise

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit
Psalm 34:18

Tonight I got a call letting us know that Aubrey's teacher Mrs. Lori lost her husband today and her two young kids about 11 and 14 lost their Dad. I don't know his name and wished I did. I know he was around 38-39 and was healthy and fit. The cause is unknown. This was a horrible shock and surprise to the family. Please keep them in your prayers for a while. This is a very sweet lady with a genuine heart and kind spirit. My heart is just broken for her and two kids.

I also cannot stop thinking about the kids that no longer have one or both of their parents tonight in Haiti. None of these kids deserve this and now are wondering where they will sleep tonight or when their next meal will be. I cannot stop thinking about a little 3 year old just like my Annsley that may be without their 'blankie' or teddy bear. The 5 year old like Aubrey that has no-one to sing or give hugs to and the 8 year old like Autumn who is now in charge of younger siblings. What a helpless feeling it is to be comfortable and not hungry laying in my bed tonight and not there where I could be helping, feeding, caring, loving, and encouraging kids just like mine. They may be a world away but they are no different. Please open your heart and pray every day, every hour, every minute for all who are hurting and suffering tonight. Near or Far.

Aubrey is very sad for Mrs. Lori and she would like to '”get her something”, so we have decided to supply one weeks worth of meals/snacks/drinks for her. If you have time and would like to make a meal, create a little basket of snacks or can bring tea, water bottles, or juice for Mrs. Lori, I will be going by the end of this week and would like to have a good amount to give her.

If you have even $1.00 in your bank account tonight, you can make a donation to get the children of Haiti something they need. If you have more than $1.00 count yourself more blessed that any of the kids there.
Please donate ANY amount you can. Please donate ALL you can.
Anything will be a blessing for these kids.
Haiti copy
www.SaveThe This is a legitimate charity that truly makes a difference in lives of children all over the world. They even lost some of their own in this disaster; the biggest earthquake the world has seen for 200 years. This was total devastation. Please donate and then encourage others to as well.

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