Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wii too much fun!

Today started the same as most Sundays at our house. Trying to decide if we can make it to Church on time. Not sure why Sundays mornings are so difficult, but they are. We had to get there extra early because of a very important ball game that was starting at noon. Apparently Ass has to be planted firmly in couch at least 45 minutes prior to kickoff. I decided to skip that excitement and do some grocery shopping. Cowboys football is just not my thing and apparently they lost anyway. Then after that; instead of an afternoon nap we decided to go for a Sunday drive. We ended up going to Joshua’s new peace of heaven.

He has found MORE land so he can have even MORE animals. I should get him some kind of medical help. We are both animal lovers, but the kind I prefer we don't have to constantly find more land for. (I really love that he loves his cows! He's just too cute.)
He and 2 girls went to explore while me and Aubrey sat in the truck.
041 042 045

046 047
Then while dropping off something at Granny's house we noticed she was cooking chicken and dumplings so we invited ourselves right on in and ate with them. To burn off the amount of calories that were in that meal, we played Wii!
The girls love this game and love that they can beat their Pawpaw!
048 049 054
Then it was my turn to beat Joshua!
When we got home the girls got into their jammies and started playing birthday party with Annsley.

It's not a real birthday party without singing and presents so don't think that the party was without that!

While the girls celebrate their birthdays, I made this:
110 109

You hang small picture frames, trinkets, cute little things, or in my case, memories of the girls.
111 096 097 099
Are they cute enough to sell? I'd like to try....


These pictures are not relevant and will not change the world but they were too cute to not share!

By the way… These pictures were taken with my broken camera. It’s not all the way broke but using it tonight was like eating after starving for a week. Oh how I love the material things in life!

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  1. Your little rag a muffin curtains came out cute!


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