Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chickens, Ice Cream & Love Letters

A post a few days, weeks, months ago (i can’t remember to find and link to it) but I posted about the fact we were waking up to chickens in front of our house.  Now, they have officially moved in and are no longer scared when we walk by.  I could have reached down and pet one today while I unloaded groceries out of my car. I did not post pictures that particular post so here they are…..

Meet our new family members.  Were not talken just a few here people…

001 002 003 008 011 013

Big Daddy:

017 020

Almost every single night this past summer was ended the same way.. With a DQ ice cream.  It was the only way we could cool off and keep the girls happy on the drive home.  We have not gone too many times now that we have moved in and it’s COLD out but tonight we did. Felt like old times (almost 6 months.)  Already?? 

Autumn again not wanting in pictures…… What IS up with that?

028029 030

I’ve gatta brag on Autumn a little because she’s just fabulous.  She loves that she can read and write anything she wants to.  It’s all she does.  We had to call her 3-4 times to come to dinner tonight because she would not stop reading.  She told me she opted out of recess at school to stay in the library and read.  How sweet is that… My baby is a nerd!  I love it

Since she could write, I have gotten these little notes here and there and the other day, it dawned (spelling? don-ed?) on me.  I get one every day.  She writes one EVER SINGLE DAY.  Mostly before school or just here and there on my calendar, shopping list, fogged up mirror while I’m in the shower, a picture order or on a little torn piece of paper stuck under my pillow or in my purse.  I save every one!  It’s too important to not. Here are today’s findings:  (YES….. I write back)

023 027 032  


There are a few people in my family needing some prayers tonight.  My niece Katelyn had to have an ambulance ride today after passing out and not breathing for a little bit.  Apparently this is the 3rd time she has had this happen.  The others just need strength, courage, and a feeling of comfort.  Love all 3 of y’all!


  1. My sweet little Autumn....are you sure she isn't mine? I love her to pieces!!!!

    OH my...I didn't hear this about Katelyn! That is so scary. Is she OK?

  2. So, the chickens are just hanging out in your yard? So funny.
    I remember when my girls were little and loved to write me glad you are keeping them all!! Write the date on the back of a few of them for reference later. And NERDY kids are great...reading/writing...LOVE IT.

    prayers for your family members***



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