Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bathing Beauties

I cannot believe I ever thought of quitting my ‘job’.  I love it too much and after some much needed time off to re-evaluate, I’m so glad I have made the decision to continue.  I had so much fun today and am booked up until almost the end of March.  Hopefully this year will be my best yet (especially since I will have a new price list before to long.)

We (of course) went out to eat after I ‘worked’ all day and came home just in time for bath and bed time.  I was right outside the bathroom door and could here the girls talking about looking like Daddy and Santa so I grabbed my camera and found this:

374377   370 














I’ve been getting the craziest faces from Annsley lately when I ask her to look at me…

373 375

Boy you can tell a difference when I have it on the settings I use to to take real pictures!!!!


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