Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Decorate till you Drop

I realize I (my posts, not me of course) may be boring a few of you and I sincerely apologize for that but that’s my life.  That’s all I’ve got.  That’s all there is… It’s Glamorous to me!  Boring?  Yes, but blessed beyond measure.  Wouldn’t change a thing…….  So email me and I’ll point you to a few funnier more interesting blogs!

Now on with the boring…. Although I was not bored.  I cleaned all day and did some rearranging.  I love to move things around.  In fact, I’m always moving things around.  Joshua is always yakking at me because things are never in the same place twice.  I got my camera all ready to take some before and afters but got so into it that I did not get many any.  Hopefully I can finish this week.

First, I bought some gorilla glue and fixed my brand new broken lamp that Calamity played with. I had to fix it in two places and because I forgot to unplug it, I almost lost my life.  (I can see it now…. Women dies while trying to decorate her house.)

 002 003 001

I put it in the laundry room.  I hate over head lights.  I never use them.  I have  a lamp in the kitchen, 2 lamps in the girls room, living room and bathroom, and 3 in our room.  The laundry room was the only room that I HAD to use overhead lights in so..why not.  I like it!  I also read a decor blog that said you spend so much time in there, why not decorate in there…. so I did!  It’s just plain fun to be in there now!    (The lamp was drying so no pics.  Hopefully I will get some pics tomorrow so I can show you.  If your not too bored.)

009 008

I also put some rugs in that I was not using and they make a ton of difference.


This is not a decorating blog nor is it going to be.  Do not mistake my words as any sort of advice or good ideas!

While I was rearranging and then rearranging again, Aubrey was coloring……

013 014


 017 018

She was so tired.

She was funny today….  I put games and anything with pieces up high so my little girls can’t get to them….

So I thought….  I walked in to find this:

011 012

Tomorrow… rearrange the games location!



  1. I saw your money jar on the dryer and I have one too...the rule at my house is... if I find money while doing the laundry, I consider it a tip in consideration of my hard work! I have made lots of money over the years!!!

  2. Hey, who said your blog was boring??? I LOVE it! So bad on them:P I have wanted to decorate my laundry room for some time now, but of course its not NEAR as big as yours, but its spacious! Any ideas for me:) When can we come over?

  3. 1)Your blog is anything BUT boring
    2) Nothing can stop that Mater!
    3)You have very good decorating taste!!!


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