Monday, February 15, 2010

Autumn’s Turn to have a party

Today was Autumn’s Valentines party at school.  It was just a small one without parents because school was cancelled on Friday. (Sad huh?  How can they do that to me?)  She had fun though and was excited to show off her goodies as soon as she got home.

 003 004

See the tiny hands trying to help?


Aubrey shoved herself into a picture!


Autumn also got this for doing so well with her reading!


Annsley has been such a ham lately.  Not sure what has gotten into her but I get the most crazy faces/looks and when I get my camera, the really funny ones go away.  One day I’ll get them.  I remember her making faces as long as she has been old enough.  I guess that’s her ‘quirk’.

 009 010

Tonight we all sat around and watched the Olympics.  We vary rarely all watch something together so I was excited to have something we all enjoy!  They are all very tired and I think will go to bed good tonight!  Whew who!


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  1. I'm proud of you Autumn for earning a Reading Award! Good Job, that is great!!! It looks like you had a good Valentine Party!

    Love, Aunt Miranda

    P.S. Cute pictures of you and the sisters!


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