Sunday, February 14, 2010

Were talking LOVE people…

Last Valentines day:  Wow how those girls have changed.

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My mom offered to watch the girls while Joshua and I got to go to lunch and a few other places.  Tonight was dinner here.  We did take-out instead of cooking.001 004 005  008 011    007

I still have so many more things I would do for my family but I’m out of time.  It goes by too fast like every holiday and like my life.  (Another reason I put so much into these holidays.)  I realized after dinner I was so caught up in talking with the girls and Granny and Pawpaw that I did not take a single picture.  O well.  I ran to the girls room and snuck a picture of my sleeping beauties!  Aubrey was fake sleeping…. 


To my family and friends that were not here and that I did not talk to today, I LOVE YOU and miss you and wish I could spend SO much more time with all of you!

To Joshua, Autumn, Aubrey and Annsley:  I’m so blessed by you.  I thank God everyday he has let me spend another day with you!  I hope this FUN never ends!



  1. I know you were disappointed that we couldn't come for Valentine's dinner. But, spending time with Rusty when he is home is special to us during this time of year...You would do the same thing!!

  2. I just found your blog...I was sucked in by the "DISCLAIMER"...Hilarious, girl! YOu crack me up! I wanted to invite you over to my blog...Screaming Meme's...It is a decorating blog... and I have a comical blog about a "normal" family going GLUTEN I hope you will stop in...Thanks, Screaming Meme

  3. You decorated the house so cute for the Valentine's dinner! Your topiary, I saw on another blog where the lady gave step by step instructions on how to make the ball. Very cute idea!!! I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful day full of love from a family!!! Kisses to the girls!


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