Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let’s hear it for the Girls!

Tonight was Valentines for our girls.  We take them out and celebrate them on Valentines.  We LOVE them and want to show them with food and gifts.  What else?

I did get to wear my new shoes which the girls have been begging me to ware since they begged me to buy them a few months ago.  Cute but why do my toes show?  Is that the new style?


Remember New years eve and the horrible 3 hour wait at the hibachi place and we ended up going next door to eat mexican?  The girls still wanted to do that so we tried a different restaurant and went a day early and a few hours before the dinner rush.  We did it this time!  Got right in and had our chef out in no time!  We got to visit with the other couple at our table that also had 3 kids and they were great!  The cooking was fun to watch and the food was even better.  We left stuffed but most importantly the girls had so much fun.

180 174 176  177178

Then home to jammies and their gifts.  Just a few things….. But even off the dollar isles, they still get so excited about it!

 182 187 188189

Each bag had one not dollar small gift that was just for them.







They loved it all!

206 191 192 193 194 195 196 198 205

I ran to wal-mart today at the last minute to get Joshua something.  I always have a hard time buying him things he likes so when I have an idea I better do it.  I teased him all day about his gift so I had to throw him off a bit.

First gift……

Undies  (Oh…Thank you….?…)


Second gift:

The gift of never being lost again.  (How much was this?)

211217  216

Poor boy carries mapsco’s and maps and always has them out folded to pages and I don’t want him to dye in a fiery crash because he was looking for a map.  After he griped about the price and told me he was thinking about taking it back blah blah blah… I finally convinced him to open it, and I think this low-tech boy fell in love with a high-tech thingie!  One good gift from me; down!

Mark us down for owning something techy.

A few nights ago Annsley sniffed.  When Annsley sniffs, she gets breathing treatments.  She is supposed to have one daily but we usually just give her one every week or so except when she acts like she may/could get sick.  Then she gets one every 6-8 hours.  This has worked now for a little over 6 months.  (The longest she has ever gone without pneumonia in her life)  It works out for us that she gets one at nap time and bed time so she can fall asleep to the hum of the machine.  She looked so sweet tonight! 

238236235If you knew me as a kid, you should recognize Lolly.  My teddy bear!  Looken rough!  My baby loves though, so this is how she will sit long enough to get a breathing treatment.  That’s the only time she can hold or play with it!  Lovely, I found a way!!!


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