Friday, February 12, 2010

Over the ground lies a mantle of white

Today was so much fun.  My 2 oldest babies had the day off from work and school.  (Joshua and Autumn.)  We had such a good time.  Of course with everyone having a day off, everyone was up early.  Why that is the way it goes; I will never know….

First thing first… Play outside.

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Group pic.  (People, I was S.I.C.K!  No judging!)  This is probably the first picture I have with all 5 of us smiling and looking at the camera.  I don’t care what I look like, I will always love this picture!

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Then it was time for a drive.  We wanted to see our little white town.  Bea-u-ti-ful. 

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Enough of the just white pictures.  We also stopped by to feed the goats and got them to come outside for the first time since the snow.  They played for a bit and then went right back inside the barn! 

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Home for a little breakfast and more playing outside.

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I did most of my snow time cuddled up next to the window watching the girls.  The cold air makes my sinus’s hurt and my ears have started to hurt now too.  Whining I know……

This was out our back door.  At least a foot and a half.


We did a little of this:


I got a little surprise and early Valentines gift from Joshua.  Well, I was not the only one.  He sends the girls their own roses every year since Autumn was born.  I’m so glad he has this tradition with the girls, I’m sure it will never end!


Aubrey was the only one home when they were delivered.  The other girls went running around with their Daddy!  I got some good poses from Aubrey!105 

We ended today with Annsley and I putting together our Valentines crafts and decorations.  She’s just the best little helper and unlike the other girls, she actually stays focused and does not start making something else as soon as she gets board.  So we got it all done and I cannot wait until Sunday!  It’s sad to see the snow going and I’m hoping we will still have plenty tomorrow!



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