Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow and Parties

This was the view from my windows this morning!  Yeah!  Snow!

002 005 006

Autumn did NOT want her picture taken so I did not get her going off to school, but I did get the little girls. 

013 017

While the girls were at school I tried to get the dog to play but she wanted nothing to do with it!  So fun to watch her see snow for the first time.


Even our junk looks nice snow covered.

 023 028             086 

Hi little bunny!


Today was also the girls Valentines party at school.  They were SO looking forward to this.  They both had their outfits picked out.  (At least they sorta matched.)


Annsley’s Party:

 036  038056 069061 

Aubrey’s Party:


Going through their Valentines:


   093  109 107 108 

103106 110 113  114 117  130 131 132 134133 

Orange wanted his picture made


The girls could not stand it any longer and wanted OUT.  This time Calamity did too.  She had so so much fun.  She was jumping and running and burying her face in the snow. 

135  143136163141  147  152 154 159  166

I would not let the girls build a snowman until Autumn got home from school but by the time she got home, Joshua was getting home.  We went to do some running around before it got too bad.  We checked all the animals and did some country seeing.

The cows:


Annsley singing the wheels on the bus:


The goats!  They DON’T do cold weather.

189 190 207

Autumn let me take a picture of her boots while she was feeding the goats!  Her boots and pants were wet from knees down.  Poor girl


What Aubrey did while we were feeding.  We cannot keep her out of the snow….


We were out so long and were too cold and wet to go out to dinner so we did not eat until around 7:30.  It was Spinach Burger night.  (Everyone’s favorite Meal here.)


  • 1 1/2 ground turkey
  • 1 1/2 packets ranch dressing mix
  • salt and pepper
  • good buns!
  • Chop spinach and add to the turkey along with the ranch powder. 
  • Mix it all…Cook it… Eat it….  Love it…..

It is our absolute favorite!  The girls LOVE it and they are getting healthy food at the same time!  I’m still sick but o~well.  It’s been fun watching it snow ALL day!  I love it!

Autumn’s Valentines party is tomorrow.  Maybe just maybe it will be a snow day tomorrow.


  1. LOVE all the pictures! The girls look like they had a wonderful time at their parties! Simone had hers yesterday, but poor Camille's got cancelled because of the snow day! These kids are just loving the snow and I am so glad we got some this Winter! Get to feeling better!!

  2. Oh and I will definitely have to try the spinach burgers, it sounds delish!!!!

  3. You have farm animals?!?! So cool
    Great photos..the girls are adorable and it makes me smile thinking of valentines day parties too.
    Enjoy your snow. Stay warm!

  4. Snow made the perfect Valentine's Day for me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE snow! I have had snow ice cream at least 6 times since yesterday and played in it with the kids 4 times. I will be so sad to see it go....especially since it may be another 34 years until it snows this pretty again. I'll be 67 : ( Whhhhaaaaaa.....


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