Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chickens, Lions, Cakes, and Tylenol

Today was a dosie.  I left my camera downstairs and do not have the energy or strength to go get it.  I really don’t enjoy pictureless posts (mostly because I don’t like to read) so I give you this:

9224_sick_woman_walking_around_with_ice_pack_on_her_head_and_a_bottle_of_prescription_medication_in_her_hand_thumb[2]This is me tonight.  I think though her hair might look better than mine.  I don’t feel good and instead of laying peacefully in bed with a hot coca and the remote, I made 139,497,391 petit fours for the upcoming Valentines parties.  Those are a huge pain in the.  Got most of them done but will work again in the a.m.

First thing this morning we walked outside to a yard full of chickens.  Bet you city folks don’t get that everyday.   This just started Aubrey's day off right!  They were trying to figure out a way to get on the porch.  Now that Ms. Paris is gone they will continue to come over.  She ran everything and everyone off our place!  (Or trampled them to death.)  I took pictures of them, but again my camera is downstairs.

This morning after returning home from the grocery store, I realized I had forgot one thing and had to go back to the store.  Irritating and I’m sure someway; not my fault.  I was not finished with all the cakes around dinner time so we went out.  When we got home we saw a mountain lion in our yard.  No time for pictures….   Not sure if it was looking for our animals or the chickens.  I wish Ms. Paris was here so she could run this off.  Now this is alarming to me because I don’t want my dogs, bunny, cats, goats, or KIDS to be a snack for a rather large cat! 

Tomorrow is supposed to be snow covered, cold and eventful.  Hopefully this bottle of sweet Tylenol will help me sleep away the sore throat/glass shards that I have dealt with today!  No I did not breath on the cakes!!!  I see early promise in tomorrows post!



  1. A MOUNTAIN LION!!!!! Rhett says, "Dang!"

    Sounds like you have had a crazy day. I hope today is better!

  2. OMGoodness poor lady! I hope you feel better in the morning!

    Ok, now about this mountain really must not want me to come over for a visit again!!! Girl, those things are dangerous and when they're hungry, you better get out of the way! Oh baby no ma'am!!!!! So let me guess, in the winter time you have mountain lions and in the summer you have snakes! Uh baby no ma'am!!! OMGoodness, now I am going to be thinking about that darn thing when I come out to your house again! Ugh!

    I pray you get a good night's sleep and every hour seems like 2hrs! Big hugs mama, love you!


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