Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heart Day Cards

Today we did our Valentines for their parties at school.  I look forward to these kinds of things so much.  Every year I get so excited and start planning really unique cards and crafts to pass out to their friends and every year they shoot me down like an enemy plane!  I had some really cute ideas too including this card.  But nooooooh!  Gatta get the cheap ones at the store….

What my babies want my babies get!


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Tonight at dinner was chicken breast and pork chops.  Note that chicken breast was singular.  One lonely one!  I DO not eat pork.  (or as of recently; Beef) but I do, every once in a blue moon I fix it for my family.  We needed something really tasty after last nights meal so tonight I went all out!  The girls devoured their food!  Aubrey ate a pork chop and a half and Annsley ate one and then chewed off the bone what was left.  UGhhhhh!  These are Not my girls. These carnivores…

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After dinner is when Joshua usually goes to feed the animals and usually one, two or three of the girls go, but just Aubrey wanted to go tonight.  She looked so cute in her hat like “daddy’s” that he got her with her oony tail out the back and her too big coveralls that I made them had to get a picture before they left!  (see the ketchup still on her face from the “chicken”?

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  1. I'm glad you make sure my favorite little carnivores get what ever they want!

  2. Your kids are just beautiful. Love the pony tail and the work outfit...and the sweet cards!


  3. I remember making REAL cards with my girls way back when...and they pooped out quickly. TOO much work. They love the generic stuff, gads, it just hurt me to buy them!!!
    your family is so adorable!!
    I just realized you live on a real farm?????
    If I were you, I would eat NO meat at all as well....I am pretty close to it myself, but the rest of the family, that is another story.
    take care, Suz
    Happy Valentines day!


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