Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me!

Absolutely nothing happened today.  Nothing!.  I do have to say if you want to bulk up your arms, play wii boxing, cycling, and sword fighting with your kids!  I feel the burn.  My sister has been talking about McMama’s ‘Not me Monday’s’, so I decided I would read.  I love this idea!  And why not when nothing interesting happened. 

These are the things I did NOT do today:


While cleaning out the refrigerator this afternoon, I did NOT take out the leftover week and half old birthday cake and ate a few bites before I threw it away.  No. Not me.  That’s gross.

I did not throw a garbage bag handful of toys in the trash while my kids were coloring today.  No, Not me!  That’s not a good mommy thing to do.

I did not almost gag with every bit of the wonderful meal Joshua fixed tonight.  Nope, Not me! That’s just rude.  (Never buy frozen turkey loaf.  Just gagged again.)

I most certainly did not stay in the same shirt all day that I slept in, Nope, Not me.  I ALWAYS get dressed!

I honestly did not think really hard about how I could fit a nap in.  NOPE. And I most honestly did not try to bribe or beg my children to lay down with me.  No Way.. Not ME!

I did not forget about my camera or to take any sort of picture today.  I never forget pictures of the daily things my kids do!  NOT A CHANCE.  That is not something a photographer/mom would ever do!  Not Me!

No, I did not just create an entire pictureless post.  Not Me!!!!!  Why would I do that?


Really glad to know I don’t do all that stuff!


  1. Love your "Disclaimer"! Great post! :)

  2. Great job, first timer! It is fun, isn't it. And I NEVER stay in the same shirt I slept in. ANd I most definitely would not have also worn it the day before. Not me. ;)

  3. Turkey Loaf???? I didn't even know they sold that. GROOOOOOOSSSSSS! GROOOOOOOSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  4. I LOVE "Not Me Mondays"!! I did one last Monday, but totally forgot to do one yesterday:)haha MckMama's blog is awesome, I ran across hers a few weeks ago from someone else's blog and she is just hilarious and has the most interesting stuff on there!

    Your Not me stuff was hilarious girl! Tat is so you DeAnna:)lol

  5. Your girls are just adorable! I have three girls with one boy in the mix =)


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