Saturday, February 20, 2010

Did you know I had friends?

My two very best friends came to see me today.  I met these two ladies the first and second year Autumn was in pre school.  We have been friends since and have had the best of times together.  I love these Gals!  They also have all girls and all around the same ages.  All these girls play so so well together.  They have grown up together so far and hopefully that will never change! 


So glad I have y’all and just like every time we get together….  It was a BLAST!

Apparently DQ is a ‘treat’ for some!!                                                                       

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Seeing the Animals.  They had been looking forward to this part all week and I guess must have not thought about the dirt and mud.  Sorry you ended up covered in mud.  Still love me if it does not come out?

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Poor Jennifer could not handle the barn smell!  She was gagging the entire time!

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We decided not to travel to see the cows (sad fact they are gone) so we came back to the house and to chat and let the girls play.  They played school and it was too cute!

 187199 188 190 191 193  195 198

Ladies I love you and love that you love me, my family, our animals and our home!  Your welcome here anytime and hope you will use that invitation a lot.



  1. Looking at these pictures just makes me smile:) We sure had a blessed time and next time we go to DQ, I will TRY my best to act right!!! It was DELICIOUS though and I'm glad we went. Thank you for having us over, Camille & Simone LOVED it and said they were going to have farms when they grow up! No city life for my girls I guess:)hehe I love you and thank you for loving me and not just the color of my skin because I know you want to be black like me:) Have a good week lady!!!!

  2. hoooo it's just so cute seeing you 3 together !!!!
    I can really see hennifer gaggling :) hahaha i remember that!!!!

    The girls are really changing i think! annsley and katie the most! but they are all so cute!


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