Monday, February 22, 2010

Those Girls

Autumn looking like Autumn….   She makes me smile!


Aubrey fixing her “breakfast”. 


(She eats much later than the rest of us so she sometimes does her own thing and sometimes it’s done on the couch.)


The girls playing this afternoon.  Aubrey believes these leggings are pants but actually they are just Peg Bundy Hot Pants for kids….


My New Year resolution to bake more…


Tonight was chocolate chip cookies. 


Next years resolution will be to loose weight


and not cook so many desserts.


Annsley was the only one home.  Can you tell?105

She’s loving pictures these days.


I tucked her hair behind her ears and told her she looked cute.  She looked up at me and said ‘then get your Cramra’.

110 111

Love those girls!

By the way, the girls are raising money for Scottish Rite Hospital if you would like to donate.  Autumn is doing a math book and Aubrey is doing a Trike-a-thon!  Money is Due this Friday and would be greatly appreciated.  The girls are hoping to donate their prizes, (if they win any) to the patience at the hospital.


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