Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just Me Rambling is All

I only go get my hair done about 3-4 times a year and February 23; only 2 months in and I already had roots.  Big bad ones.

So I trucked into town and got my hair done.  While I was there I had a great opportunity. 

Now, anyone that knows me knows I am God fearing and a believer in Him.  We talk daily..  Were tight.   But NO-ONE would call me a ‘Bible thumper’ or anything else related to someone who’s life revolves around church and preaching God’s word. 

People would also call me a realist and a questioner.  I have questioned and got some really great preachers thinking at times.  I have only come across two people in my life that were blatant non-followers.  (Note I said non-followers not believers.) One was today.  After I mentioned that I was a realest and did question a lot and did attend church, I was asked if it was all real.  I was a little surprised by the question in which I replied YES and then explained.  She seamed curious.  She went on to say that Church’s were full of hypocrites.  And again I replied YES! then explained.  I have struggled with this same thing but finally am at a point where I understand why. 

I wont go into details because I’m not going to try to preach but it felt good today saying the things I did and getting a positive response like I did.  I don’t know if I did God proud, but I did me proud!  I did end with saying this…  Whether proven or not, it’s the life I want to live.  A life of accountability, forgiveness, and morals.  Hopefully people that know me do see that about me.  Really, I just wanted to share my story.  Again.


I had a little time after my sermon hair appointment so I ran to Target to look for a mirror to go on the back of my ‘closet' door.  I wanted something cheep and found one for $5.  It going on the door of my built in so has to be small so it can be built into the door.  I think once I pull the ugly cheep molding off and he puts new around it and the door, it will actually look kinda cute!  Let’s hope anyway..  I need a way to see how not thin I look these days!

Got it home and realized I was not the only one that loves the mirror.  I might have to leave the door open all the time once it’s installed.


It’s 11:45 p.m. right now and Calamity just woke up and must have forgotten about the mirror. She’s growling at herself.  Too funny just hope she does not wake my little people up!

107 108 109

The dog is not the only one…  This Cat loves to stare at itself.  You can see all the nose prints in the glass already!


And there is ME!  Ewwe 


Might as well get some hair pictures?  Like?


Should not look any different that what I normally get have naturally!



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