Monday, February 1, 2010

Milk-bones and Concerts

This morning I was making my bed and looked at this


I thought to myself that I just might be the only person in the world that sleeps with milk-bones on their nightstand. It's not what your thinking.... Their not for Joshua, he is cutting back on late night snacks. They are for Calamity. She’s loud, playful and annoying just about every night starting about 2:00. Top this off to 3 kids that don’t like to sleep at the same time and you’ve got one cranky me. The milk-bones are helping keep Calamity quieter and in one place. Is it bad if I see if they work for the girls?

After breakfast Annsley wanted some candy. Happy to hand it out..she’d had her breakfast. A few minutes later she asked for more. I told her no more. “Too much candy in your tummy makes it hurt.” Annsley answered ‘it won’t hurt mine because the candy I ate went into my legs’.

Then tonight… I guess ‘high’ from the candy; she put on a concert. Getting louder with every song. Our ears hurt by the last song!!! We all loved every minute and every song!

She’s getting so brave in her old age.

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  1. Annsley,

    So what song did you sing...Coveralls? Next time, tell Mom to take a video. You look cute in those little pj's with your Barbie!

    Love, M

    P.S. I liked your stage. That was a good idea!

  2. Awww, she looks adorable and has such the personality now! I can't believe how big she is getting, I just remember when I first met you guys, she was 9 months old! Wow does time fly or what! Way to go Annsley!


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