Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Playing Hookie

This morning while I was trying to get the little girls ready for school, Aubrey started crying.  She had been looking forward to this day because it was the day Mrs. Lori was coming back to school so when Aubrey did not want to go I was a little worried.  We went ahead and went up to the school.  When we did not see Mrs. Lori, it was definite…. She was not going to school today, so her and I had a ‘day’ together.  We shopped at the dollar store and did some re-working/decorating of the kitchen.  We played webkins and girl talked.  She helped me make beds and sweep and she had some alone time playing and watching tv while I did some laundry.  I asked her on the way to pick up the other girls why she wanted to stay home.  She said she was because she felt like she may have been getting sick and did not want to get anyone in her class sick.  HA!  Not a sick germ in that child!  Not sure what goes on in her head!


Joshua decided Tony’s sounded better than anything I can cook so we ate there and got some red velvet cupcakes from nana for dessert.  We got home around 8 and that is when Autumn told us she had a poster to make for school  OOOOOHHHHHH!  After spending an hour and a half on that we called it a day!  To tired to get a picture but maybe I will be alert enough in the a.m. to get one!

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