Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Darling I love u but give me Park Ave.

Today was take almost all the animals you own to the vet day. Whewwho! (typed in the most sarcastic tone I can type in) I really wanted pictures because... Well because I’m me and that’s what I do.

Where Holly rode:

030 Calamity was chewing on a bone so she had her face buried the entire trip. Once we got there, it was really crazy with Calamity having a collar and leash on for the very first time and Holly about to have an anxiety attack so I did not get a single picture inside but the Dr. reports 2 healthy dogs. I had him do an extra special check to make sure they were as healthy as could be. Lady had gone to the vet just before we got her but now I wished I would have gone ahead and taken her in for a well check.

We also have some good news! Every one of our animals (that we want to be) are pregnant! This is so exciting to us! I cannot wait to hear the pitter patter of little hoofs soon. The goat that we were told is not pregnant is now. Joshua had a feeling that she really was so we took her back and sure enough! Here is the cow getting checked.

034 037

Kinda makes the pregnancy tests I took look easy…..

They were watching thinking NO WAY am I going in there! They did! And they were too!

035We left a muddy (I think) mess. I'm still getting used to being covered in 'mud' all the time.

041 039

Last nights post did not include a picture of Autumn’s poster she did for school so I took one before she left for school this morning. I LOVE that she gave it freckles!

023 024

This morning sitting across from Annsley eating breakfast, she was flashing me too many cute faces to not get some pictures: (eggs if your wondering)


I made encouraged my Mom to come over and help me do a little catching up on laundry tonight. I sort, wash, dry, put in baskets and then leave alone for days. I don’t know why sometimes I just can’t stand to fold it. It has been kind of a crazy week for me so I got a little behind. I just saw the mound and did not want to tackle it. Mom and I knocked it out in 20 minutes. She motivates me like that. I asked Joshua to do the baths so I could put it all away. I normally hang the dresses, put the p.j’s in one spot and clothes in another but I’m not big on outfits or dressing ‘stylish’ and my kids love to pick out their own clothes anyway so why spend so much time putting it away. Not tonight. Not anymore. It all gets un folded and turned upside down and sideways when the girls try to look for something anyway so what's it matter if it’s not how I like it. So tonight, it all went in all mixed up. Still thinking I’m going to sleep comfortably knowing it too. I feel better knowing it will now take just a little less time to put their clothes away.

No I did not get a picture of my laundry (Humm next time)

The Laziest way to play Wii


This is what they were doing while we were folding. I thought wii was supposed to get you up off the couch. Guess baseball is a couch sport!

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  1. You did a really good job on your poster Autumn! I think it was a really good idea to make it look like the heart was jumping rope too!

    Glad to hear the good news on all the animals and glad to hear you got all your laundry done! Now, if I can just get mine done...I don't mind washing/drying or folding but I hate putting it away. Ughhh....

    Talk to you later. Call me when you can!


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