Thursday, February 4, 2010

Me, but Productive

Let’s talk a little about MY accomplishments today.  I know this blog is about the wonderful girls I have but today I worked.  Like a real person.  And I want all 11 of you to know about.  (See it does not happen that often I ‘accomplish’ something.  Anyway, I dropped the girls off at school gave the dog a bone. 

006  Kept her busy for almost 5 minutes too.  009

(Anyone know how to keep a dog awake during the day so it will sleep at night?)

So, I got my computer/work thingies and got everything just like I like it.  I looked around and kind of laughed.  It was a little corny.  But Funny!  Seriously I took a picture so I would remember! 


Allow me to explain:

002 copy

(I’ve never been a desk kinda girl.  If I ever go work at a big corporation, I will have a couch and coffee table!)  But I feel so much better to have so much work done!  I need a few more days like this and I may get ahead!

I probably would have gotten everything done today but I ended up having to leave to go pull Joshua out of the mud.  He got his truck stuck trying to leave a construction site and I had to go get him out.  I was a little irritated until I got there to see that the poor boy was S.T.U.C.K!  I got him out though!  I’m sure that if I would have remembered my camera, I would have gotten some really cool and muddy pictures!  I’m sure it will happen again.  Unfortunately!

Tonight was a homework war.  I have left the homework responsibility up to Autumn and she usually gets it done.  Not this week!  Why she waited until tonight (after having it for 1 week) to get something done before tomorrow?  I don’t know.  No biggie though, it can be done.  But when Joshua and I disagree on whether or not homework should be done at the table or can be done while sitting on the couch it just made it even harder!

Just in case your wondering:  Couch. Got done. 


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